Second Extinction – Official Announcement Trailer | Inside Xbox

  1. Mary Swanson says

    The dinosors look mutated

  2. Mary Swanson says

    Dude this game looks so gory that I love it when this comes out on xbox I'm going to get it right away😄

  3. Ace marvel 15 says

    Will this have a story mode
    Just curious

  4. IdkBros says

    I really wanna play this game it looks amazing

  5. Lentize says

    Imagine if ark looked like this

  6. Chinese Covid Anal Swabs says

    Next gen turok?

  7. 808 Abundance says

    Ark survival devolved

  8. SOBEK says

    Turok, Dino Crisis, and Left 4 Dead combined. Nice

  9. villacroc says

    You could also use the movements of the t-rex to create new dinosaurs of the same size by changing the skin like: Spinosaurus – Acrocanthosaurus – Carnotaurus – Allosaurus – Giganotosaurus -Megalosaurus – Baryonyx … All this would help to have more dinosaurs to face and give it more variety.

  10. villacroc says

    This game would be a lot of fun with a HORDE MODE style call of duty zombies, with increase stronger waves, upgrade weapons and access to new areas through points.

  11. Nate, The Not-So-Great says

    Please just fix Generation Zero instead of focusing on this.

  12. Oppressor B says

    Timed Xbox Exclusive? I hope this comes to PS4 as well

  13. Klonzo33 says

    IGN even finds a way to eff this up. Who puts a passive logo in the middle of a trailer?

  14. Martin Fisher says

    Only dinosaurs I saw were raptors….is that they got in the game??

  15. Thoughts And Dreams says

    Battlefield: Genesis

  16. TC Thouzend says

    Left 4 Dead: Zombies
    Earthfall: Aliens
    Second Extinction: Dinosaurs
    Fallout: Ghouls and Mutants
    Generation Zero: Robots

    What about a game with all of them in one game? xD

  17. Androtheos says

    So another studio made the same type of dinosaur game the AAA gaming industry has been making for years….yaaay… I'll stick to the dino games where I get to actually be a dino. Why do we always have to shoot dinosaurs?

  18. Rama Algifary says

    it looks like Indoraptor

  19. Brandon Speelman says

    Turok but less storyline

  20. Resin says

    I want a ps5 but this game looks amazing it’s exclusive right ?

  21. Mr. Mystery 25 says

    I hope this doesn't flop like Evolve!

  22. Betonoszlop says

    Zero story, maximum bloodbath

  23. Tierrez says

    “So you dig uh…dig up dinosaurs??”

  24. Daniel Mendez says

    turok turok

  25. A YouTube Guy says

    this is how battlefield 3 if they had dinosaurs

  26. Sir Daniel Fortesque says

    Just throw a Dark Matter Cube

  27. Acre says

    This kinda looks like one of those games you'd get hyped for, but then it gets canceled instead :/

  28. :P says

    So all you do is kill dinosaurs? And wtf when’s the release date

  29. Martin Larsen says

    Your saying reveals plenty of level of sensitivity.🐹🐔

  30. Lord Nero says

    Turok anyone?

  31. dimwalker says

    Geez, avalanche and their horrible engine again?

  32. Green Tea Auto says

    Cool, all I need now is 2 friends

  33. MNZ says


  34. Mr. Goodtimes says

    this better be free to play.

  35. Entony Ruscetta says

    Xbox: same game, different monsters 👏

  36. Joshua Voce says

    PS4 and PS5?😫

  37. jackbalmont says

    anyone else notice their the indoraptor with a few feathers

  38. Fabrizio Garreta says

    It’s like doom with dinosaurs

  39. MMAorNada says

    If we're not shooting people we are shooting dinosaurs if we're not shooting dinosaurs were shooting posters, clouds you name it.
    Originality is dead

  40. TeamGodzilla2021 says

    Doom Eternal but with dinosaurs

  41. Vladislav Ivanov says

    So basically Serious Sam but coop and instead of AAAAAHHH there is just sime dino screams?

  42. SymbioteSlayer02 says

    hmmm so basically DOOM but with dinosaurs… it's perfect take my money

  43. YaBoySwifty says

    Jurassic DOOM: Dino Crisis

  44. Mythical Monster says

    I click on it think it was related to Jurassic World

  45. Cavalry - says

    This is a sneak peak of Jurassic world 3: we’ve officially run out of ideas.

  46. Kike Rex says

    Dafak whit the Indoraptors???

  47. Campfire Country says

    I think this would've been way cooler if it wasn't dinosaur like creatures. Check out that show on Netflix called Love, Death & Robots and there's this one episode where everyone pilots these sick mech suits and they have to fight off this wave of creatures that have no remorse. That would've been something I'd want to shoot.

  48. Causal Pauly says

    Killing floor but with dinosaurs, genius!

  49. M.K says

    So its Ark but crazier

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