Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – E3 2021 Teaser – Nintendo Direct

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Return to Hyrule – and the skies above – in this first look at gameplay for the Sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, planned for release on #NintendoSwitch in 2022.

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  1. Baby Toad gamer says

    Shut up + Ratio

  2. Grandpa Toad (Alive now) says

    Lol steam deck can run halo infinite in 30fps. The switch would probably run it at 13-10 fps LOL

  3. Narukami_ says


  4. D m says

    Omg is that ganning dwarf?????????????

  5. Insertoff_23 says

    I creamed while watching this bro

  6. Day 21 of telling the Toad accounts to shut up

  7. Javier Rodriguez says


  8. Javier Rodriguez says


  9. Dantiel82 says

    unfortunately i can't buy it

  10. alaview piz says

    Nobody talked about it, but why do Bokoblins have horns now on their head?

  11. Death says

    I’m back guys

  12. Jordan Ruiz says

    Can i still windbomb tho???

  13. QUEEN-YU says

    Next game!!!

  14. Bull Durham says

    It actually looks like Nintendo is trying to give Legend of Zelda a proper cannon storyline. Breath of the wild shows the Ganon storyline and how it keeps repeating through time and now its going in to the Skyward Sword storyline. It feels like a reboot done right. Zelda's power seems to be to push things through time and her character just kept pushing Ganon into the future where eventually they have to fight him again. Links power is to slow down time which makes him a formidable fighter. Skyward Sword looks like it took place after the events of this game. My only concern is if the Switch can handle a world that basically doubles in size. It struggles with Breath of the Wild.

  15. D m says

    Ctinge fane

  16. Pro Ben Fetchak says

    The demon King Demise returns

  17. Friedrich Starke says

    Day 126 of watching this Trailer until the game come out

  18. Ghostoftsushimaoffical says

    Rip zelda long may we remember

  19. Imagine releasing a console with outdated hardware and resolution in late 2021

  20. Kara Scott says

    Nobody: botw fans: SKY

  21. pikaboo01 says

    Man…these Zelda games have become so convoluted! They need to go back to basics but with currently tech.

  22. Day 20 of telling the Toad accounts to shut up

  23. Anti toad organization says

    toads are cringe and so is ratio.

  24. Kat says

    Honestly I'm kind of sad that Hyrule Castle appears to be left abandoned, but it kind of makes sense, to leave it as the memorial to the end of an era. Besides, there's too many ghosts there, literally and figuratively

  25. Safwan Shadab Chowdhury says

    This entire comment section's replies are flooded with toads. Damn, who hurt these little guys. Maybe they need a new game or something

  26. D m says

    Everyone should listen to Electa Wunsch's words of wisdom

  27. Riccardo Bordonaro says


  28. Electa Wunsch says

    The wooden mole symptomatically slap because romania greely argue besides a selective cocoa. ugliest, expensive whiskey

  29. Electa Wunsch says

    The psychedelic system realistically melt because shirt energetically hate off a obedient potato. cooperative, vengeful seagull

  30. Hylian Ninja Crafts & Gaming says

    I must be honest I don't know If I like the thing with the island and the skyward sword style things 🙁

  31. D m says

    We want genshin 2 not this

  32. Hope says

    will they ever add an endgame to play after you defeat ganon? fingers crossed

  33. Brian Kinney says

    Nintendo needs to rerelease breath of the wild with some fan made dlc like the one that made shrines with more variety and more clothes and the second wind dlc, stuff like that, don't. Do a quick cash grab like announced with just rereleasing breath of the wild with old dlc, most everyone already played it a lot. Do something more and ill buy it and so many more would and I mean everyone who already had it would buy again.listen I know Nintendo won't but the fan made stuff is cool and made with passion not for money be cause they can't sell it, I mean that alone is enough for me to say hey these fans have passion and cool ideas why not hire them. Nintendo has lost a lot of their passion and you can see it in their stuff today except for a few exceptions. My point I Iove Nintendo but would love to see the passion from these fans put into use!

  34. MDB says

    Am I the only one who thinks they’re spoiling what was an almost perfect world. I’d much rather explore a completely new world. I feel like it will ruin my memories of the first game and how much I fell in love with that gorgeous world I had so much fun exploring. I think they should have left it alone and built something brand new

  35. Game Star says

    I just made a connection…..
    The castle floating is exactly like in Ocarina of Time, where Hyrule Castle floats in the air after Ganon(dorf) takes over

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