Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition, the game that sings all your actions is out now on Nintendo Switch! 30+ Levels and music for a stunning 2D Pixel Art adventure with All DLCs and expansions included.

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  1. Aaron C-K says

    I'm intrigued

  2. Yosuke Rechain says

    Like game YS on snes. 💗

  3. Justin Wilson says

    The idea sounded like fun, but the execution put me off almost immediately, too many filler/cringe lyrics, and the singer has a grating, amateurish voice.

  4. Sgt. Knuspers says

    Interessante Idee. Aber nervt mich ehrlich gesagt schon nach dem Trailer 😅

  5. Ad Den says

    hey it's actually cute hehe

  6. Mat Bijnen says

    Wat make jou nog super Mario Bros 3d of more so dat

  7. Andrea75 says

    Wonder boy in Monster Land?

  8. Jack bupingston says

    This game is self aware and the underwater singing is drop dead hilarious. A super cool take on games!! Love it

  9. Sokka's Boomerang says

    they had me at musical

  10. Travis Edwards says

    This is brilliant!

    BUT I wonder if it would grow tiresome quickly. I’m sure it can be turned off but if the whole game is riding on this gimmick(respectfully) would much be left to make the game worthwhile?

  11. monkokonco9 says

    Please Tarara Mode. Y hate words en soundtracks xC

  12. war zone giu e hero says


  13. Blaze Flamestrike says

    1:25 🤣🤣 I lost it here.

  14. Lucas Marins Batista says

    My name is on this game, because of the support. It is amazing it.

    Play this game, pleeeeassee.

  15. Joan Quiñonez says

    Cool , but like improve the music for the second part xd

  16. Arukkard says

    Love it, could be Galavant an inspiration?

  17. Jon T says

    Just seeing this trailer now, gonna check the game out on the eShop asap! 😁

  18. Barry Krein says

    Loved his game, even more the "DLC".

  19. the loud star kirby says

    So he sings in the hole game. Cool

  20. Aaron Dekker says

    I wish more people knew About this game

  21. eliz k. says

    me when I didn’t take my meds and I’m trying to do chores

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