SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Official Trailer (NEW 2019)| Jim Carrey Sonic Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog, an animation movie starring Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey. In theaters November 8, 2019.

A cop in the rural town of Green Hills will help Sonic escape from the government who is looking to capture him.

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  1. RSauceK says

    1:58 The sound lags out.

    Edit: Just realised why he cut it out, the song was copyrightedTM

  2. Stephanie Hardy says

    Sonic looks like a little blue teenager

  3. Franklin Corella says

    Me encanta y chistosa la parte donde el señor le dice a nadie le importa y que pro el sonic ???? ??? ????

  4. Matt Barbella says

    Omg is That sonic

  5. Athena M says

    Goo yes few if so still sleeping so still not sure what you want to do the day and the day before you leave the day and time works best for you and I'll be in touch soon ???????s

  6. Donato Anjos says

    E legal

  7. Liam Wreckson says

    Y does Sonic look like a Disney princess club with blue furry pajama’s?

  8. Ana elizabeth Galvan avila says

    Jajaja lo queacen ahora

  9. Meow says

    1:24 me reacting to the new sonic.

  10. Shane3033 says

    damn sonic has perfect set of dentist's teeth.I bet the Dentist had to do a lot of work on his mouth after all that crashing into walls:)

  11. Casual Woomy says

    That kid, who was screaming about sonic, and became a meme

    He wasn’t a mad lad
    he was a profit
    and we didn’t listen

  12. Michael Catalano says

    Fix sonic his eyes and arms

  13. TheUnknown says

    2:30 the only part that was funny =3

  14. I like the Realistic sonic in the movie here and the sound

  15. Its a alive hedgehog u Crazy Scientists

  16. Cutiekitty says

    Why does sonic look wierd in some shots
    And then cute in other

  17. It's Divchik says

    No HD

  18. LexieD Grooms says

    Sonnets not a cat he's a hedgehog

  19. LexieD Grooms says


  20. asmady tuah says

    Ummm guys please don't hate me but sonic look a bit ugly and had a small shoes and sonic didn't really looks like sonic

  21. Flury floof says

    Sonics eyes not connected ya’ll

  22. Magelanic’s Youtube says

    The teeth tho

  23. Marcus Norton says

    I’m actually excited about this

  24. DISNEY Matthew Skunk says

    Where did Sonic get those awesome shoes

  25. Brian Mohammed says

    Sonic vs Flash who will win?

  26. Caleb Pettigrew says

    Oh, the live action sonic isn’t that bad after all

  27. Just some Trash says

    This looks amazing. I think everything looks so good even sonic, and Dr.Robotnic and everything so if you're here to hate on it and tell how you think its crappy please, leave.

  28. khloe playz says

    Sonic is my favorite I wish he was real

  29. Ahsoka Tano says

    This is the most stupid film and trailer I've ever seen in my life

  30. Huskyz 12629 says

    Even the voice is really bad

  31. Tareq AlBohairi says

    0:23 song name

  32. Chase Animation says

    2019:sonic movie

    2020:super Mario movie

    2023:crash bandicoot movie

    2025:sly cooper movie

    2028:chase legends of dragons Live-action

    2031:the video game team movie

  33. Vapor Waterson says

    I hate emoji movie "sees this movie" I'm sorry emoji movie

  34. fons cz says

    Proč to přišlo i mě

  35. VIVIGAMING progamer says

    I know that voice is that on disney

  36. Boaz Diaz gamer says

    Gotta to go fast yeah boom

  37. Shishkebab Gaming says


  38. Gerardo Carranza says

    It going to suck

  39. NiGhTcOrE T.V says

    I watched Fox news and let me just say….I'm so disappointed. (Isn't eggman suppose to be fat?)

  40. Adam Glassman says

    Kill me

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