SONIC: The Hedgehog Trailer (2019)

“Animation Movie” trailer

Official Sonic: The Hedgehog Movie Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Ben Schwartz Movie Trailer | Release: 14 Feb 2020 | More
A cop in the rural town of Green Hills will help Sonic escape from the government who is looking to capture him.

Sonic: The Hedgehog (2019) is the new animation movie starring Ben Schwartz, James Marsden and Jim Carrey.

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  1. KinoCheck International says

    ?NEWS: Now it's official, the design of Sonic will be updated in the final movie.
    Here is how we would love to see him ➤

  2. One of those things says

    My eyes

  3. Kawaii Maknae says

    It just sucks that there aren't any other Sonic characters in the movie, it would have been AWESOME to see Tails or Knuckles or GASP Shadow~(????) but yeah…

  4. Brick Leaf says

    He is only using 0.001 percent of his true powers

  5. Brick Leaf says

    Legend has it hes more powerful than shaggy

  6. Somi Gangster says

    This is the best sonic i dont know what People dont like 🙁

  7. Muddyfox237 says

    so they didn’t fix him

  8. James Redus says

    Sonic look s so ugly

  9. Christopher Cook says

    Annemarie love sonic chris 2246274516

  10. AtmosphereRobin says


  11. AtmosphereRobin says


  12. Minh Huỳnh says

    What the… That is so not the Sonic i know.

  13. Hosa Toatamab says

    sega never aloud this

  14. XD Spirit says

    1:45 is this about jacksfilms forehead

  15. Bro YakıyoSSunnn says

    1:56 music name ?

  16. DeletThis says

    Ok it's obviously garbage but credit where credit is due, Jim Carey, while I'm a bit offended he took the job, might save the film in some small way.

  17. Cario Westbrook says

    Sonic eyes where never green,this the worst sonic character ever,they should have left it animated,that suit look cheap as hell

  18. Wet Water says

    0:32 My dreams of doing a 100m dash

  19. Sky Phillips says

    Wtf is that

  20. Sahib Abiyev says

    Everything is good without sonic

  21. Lilly loves you says


  22. Jayko Barrios says

    What the frick fix Sonic make him like cartoon Sonic x

  23. Wonder Creation Studios says

    The fact that this version has received as many likes that it has, just goes to show how very sad this world is.

  24. Holy Mac JayJay says

    Teacher: all right kids this is how nightmares were made

    Kid:actually pewdiepie beating T-series is

  25. Jonabob says

    I actually sorta didn't mind his design, buts its good that he is getting a redesign.


  27. Anna Galik says

    Download iMovie you can create a movie or trailer
    Or a sonic movie

  28. Perixie says

    looks like a who from whooville

  29. ZOHA ACK says

    i can just emagine filming this xD, i cant wait for behind the scenes sonic, WHO IS PLAYYING SONIC IN THIS???? xD

  30. Prayashkc 3 says

    Sonic looks like Snoop Dogg

  31. raul martin says

    Honestly i have no idea why people were trippin about the eyes i think it looked fine the way it originally was and ima see it regardless

  32. Soviet Slavdoge says

    Oh god, Jim this is the equivalent to suicide. You didn’t have to do this

  33. Strike says

    To be homest, I would still watch this with this design

  34. Isaiah Versetti says

    It’s Dragon ball evolution all over again I guess history does repeat itself

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