SONIC Trailer (2019) Sonic: The Hedgehog

  1. Alaa Jw says


  2. unathi mag says

    Can't wait to watch. ?

  3. Bertug Tokmak says

    I m going to the film in 22 nov because then ites my birthday and im gonna by 11

  4. William Reed says

    I am going to love this movie

  5. Charlie George says

    Sonic not that fast

  6. Hilda Bernabe says

    ja ja?

  7. Roberto Rankin says

    they made a freaking bad Sonic

  8. Roberto Rankin says

    Damon a freaking bad Sonic

  9. Fabiana Luis says

    Muero por ber esa peli!!!?

  10. Liam Lima Andrade says

    Amei muito e se filme

  11. Caydenspinner Roblox says


  12. Paul Hughes says

    Boo boo

  13. Zina Hazm says


  14. Bashiyr Mcseed says

    That Was Awesome!!??

  15. T.V. Puppy says


  16. el haimer abdelaziz says

    sonic the hedgehog

  17. Franklin Jimenez says


  18. Lino Salas says

    Sonic is cool
    With his powers

  19. alex walls says

    my 2 favorite parts of this movie was sonic the hedgehog and Jim carrey

  20. pooja Sonkar says

    I love sonic

  21. Nadia Lopez says


  22. Nagavi says

    0:31 song link

  23. Gavin Elazar says

    Flm sonicnya bagus

  24. Idumufinide Emmanuel says


  25. Jakke Saleh says

    Jim Carrey looks awesome with a mustasch.

  26. Leslieann Carranza says

    Sonic!! It's a must to see

  27. Layla Mason says

    I so wanna see that ? !!!

  28. Calyx M says

    Sonic fast

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