SOUL ‘Joy of life’ Official TV Spots + Trailer (NEW 2020) Disney Pixar, Jamie Foxx Animation Movie

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official tv spots & trailer for SOUL, an Disney Pixar animation movie starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. Streaming this Christmas only on Disney+.

A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself.

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  1. Mario & Sonic Adventure Show says

    I hope this movie to be like Up and ratatouille

  2. Sunfishen Sunfishen says

    Crap like this makes me feel like I was born souless

  3. Owen Pampo says

    Only people with Disney plus will be able to watch this. I’d get it if I were you. It’s gonna be so good

  4. Jason Venardos says

    I have never heard any teacher use the term “quiet coyotes” to get their class to settle down.

  5. NightyDream says

    Why I'm thinking that the main character is dubbed by PrinceEA?

  6. Sarah Kelly says

    I’m pirating this movie. I’m pissed they’re not releasing it in theaters and they’re making it on freakin Christmas day!

  7. Stella Lace says

    I really hope this isn’t a premier access because I really really want to watch this.

  8. Plushyrama says


  9. Those baby souls are so cute!

  10. Tiana Roberge says

    Soul in cinmas november 20 in cinmas

  11. Joel Rodriguez says

    They are ok with showing this with life, death, heaven and hell to kids, but LGBT characters are an issue?
    Edit: make up your mind Disney

  12. ShiniDekuran says

    I wanna die

  13. NewSallyPurpleYT : : says

    Cool trailer

  14. DR4MA BOY says

    2:082:17 : Mood

  15. Auburn Songbird says

    That hell part was funny! That is SOOOO little kids!

  16. Jaden Von Bat says

    You know, before this COVID-19 mess, I wasn't too crazy about this movie. But, as the Summer rolled on without any Theaters opened, I thought, "You know what? I'll give it a shot…It's not like anything ELSE is competing with it. I mean, it IS Pixar after all" Then I heard it was going to be streaming on Disney + and NOT show up in theaters and I was all "…This movie is DEAD TO ME!"

  17. Stephanie Lovo says

    WAIT THEY SAID HE DOUBLE 🏒 🏒 I don’t care

  18. Alex Najera says

    Prediction: the little gumdrop ghost thingy is going to become the cat and the soul counter guy is going to try and get the living guys soul, but the gumdrop will sacrifice herself and the cat dies

  19. Patrick Frederiksen says

    Did anyone else notice that the thumbnail is wrong it says C7N8O4H2 but it is actually C2N7O4H2

  20. Cean Cruz says

    So 22 is gonna be in his head like a split personality? Nice this is gonna be interestimg

  21. Nutella’s Channel says

    Does anyone here like Hamliton?

    Well I has a surprise for u…

    Daveed Diggs is the neighbor. Now be excited

  22. Lightning Flame says

    Oh yeah! I’m ready to have an existential crisis!

  23. Moonkiller The Wolf says

    "Music is all I think about!"

    Warrior Cats is all I think about

  24. Fred 2157 says

    I’m 💯 watching this

  25. DarthBear 356 says

    Well that's a shame. I guess I won't be watching soul till 2021 where it supposedly releases in THEATRES.

  26. Everest Canyon says

    The Joy of Life is having Soul go to theaters.

  27. Jillian Earley says

    "You cant crush a soul here, that what life on earth is for." Holy fuck, disney, that's dark. But true

  28. enderson says

    Wait so there no smell or taste so why is food there?

  29. Inkspec2.0 says

    Still not worth getting Disney plus

  30. christina dominguez says

    I don't like disny there selfish in which

  31. cynthia grant says


  32. Naim Salahuddin says

    Biochem Majors where you at?

  33. Scrappy Coco says

    0:30 No you're Inside Riley you're an Emotion you have to find your way to the Headquarters

  34. Tomás nedich says

    Now I want to play bitlife

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