SOUL Trailer (Pixar, 2020) Animation Movie

  1. Alsajid Julian says

    Another insane movie with pete doctor

  2. Gabe PL says

    Gardner the frog prince😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Gabe PL says

    Gardner must not survive

  4. A Standard Commenter says

    Sometimes you just gotta pay the bills y'know? We don't all get the chance to follow our passion, at least not immediately.

  5. misterl0gic says

    Is that Colette Wolfe ('s voice) doing the cowboy dance?

  6. Sugar Show says

    What is the idea here? Black people have souls?

  7. Lise Noli says

    "From the studio who brought you Inside out, Up and Coco" … You already know you are going to cry at some point watching this movie

  8. Jess Nolan says

    Imagine having the inner rage and chaotic energy of the stock market fellow. I wanna clear a room like he cleared that desk

  9. Alloniya says


  10. Lindsey Betts says

    This is Princess and the Frog all over again: we finally getting representation and they make him a little BLUE BLOB

  11. Julian Kanuika says

    I am so confused as to what just happened.

  12. RoPloxy says

    me when frustrated with math homework: 0:21

  13. Tablet Tablet says


  14. StevenTheGameMaker says

    Why did I see the first sentence before I even heard it? Did anyone had this weird thing to?

  15. the servant of Nitai-Gauranga says

    Par disent know anything about the soul.

  16. Turquoise Snowflake says

    I'm so pumped

  17. Arham Aneeq says

    Hearing AJR's music in this trailer makes it a billion times better.

  18. Kalied says

    huh, this is why our generation is getting more dumber

  19. Grelusha Queen Malkia says

    I would want to be remembered for starting starfleet disney soul.

  20. Compass Rose says

    I think this is the first time since The Good Dinosaur I saw a trailer for a pixar movie and just didn't feel interested? Like I can see the love behind it from the studio, but it just feels meh?

  21. DaSkarekrow says

    haha even his hat is part of the spirit

  22. SAD BOY says

    I thought that was Gabbie Hanna in the thumbnail lmfao

  23. Kieran Brain says

    Bugs life: what if bugs had feelings
    Toy story: what if toys had feelings
    Inside out: what if feelings had feelings
    Soul: What if black people had feelings

  24. Andi Santella says

    a vet

  25. s s says

    Even though the movie is about death, I'll bet you the words 'death' or 'die' or 'died' 'kill' or 'killed' are never said in it.

  26. sherlock • says

    0:44 dog from secret life of pets

  27. Hannibal Lecter says

    Pixar presents
    Soul Plane 3

  28. Kasdeya says

    dat music

  29. Alan Smith-Emerson says

    "Don't waste your time on all the junk of life. Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you, that's ready to contribute something meaningful into this world."

    Oh yeah, I can tell that the "b-b-but who's gonna get my fries?" crowd will be capslock raging about a world of artists.

  30. The Nether Husky says

    The main characters voice sounds like the 1 eye dog in ugly dolls

  31. Galatea / says

    I hear that ajr music in there I’m so happy!!! Makes me want to watch it from just that


    I can tell you now that this is going to flop very badly

  33. Ryan makes Lemonade says

    AJR!!! Yes Ryan helped make this and I'll bet it's gonna be great!

  34. gabriella says

    My heart is ready to cry!! Bring it pixar!!

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