Soulja Boy Brings His Bootleg Console to The Breakfast Club – My LIVE Reaction

game consoles

Here is my live reaction to Soulja Boy bringing his bootleg console to the Breakfast Club. Shoutout to Double D for the Tobi Blaster and requesting me to take a look at this. Just when I thought I was done talking about Soulja Boy to. lol
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  1. Eiejjenw Jenwnwjek says


  2. Cyan Shaman says

    I've done a lot of drugs in my short 27 years, but this is what happens when you do too much drugs.
    Hardly a coherent sentence out of him and I can only imagine the clown show of what is going on inside his brain at that time. It must be jumping over itself trying to process anything which is why the "interview" is so scatter brained.

  3. The Real Black Sheep says

    Some say a cucumber taste better pickled 🤷‍♂️

  4. Fred Fuu says

    A lot of people laugh at DrakeO, the truth is I admire his entrepreneur mindset, he knows his business, on the legal side… he is a very good rapper

  5. Woe 100 says

    I hope other rappers and athletes like lebron, T.I, Curry, jcole, back him up on this console for the black community. There may be dislikes for Soulja boy but the good this could do would be huge. Imagine having a game where black characters aren’t the rarest thing in the games they are played in for every game genre whether it be rpg, fighting, moba, or etc. this a huge step for representation for the black community. I hope he doesn’t give up or in to this investment cause I feel like he’s real close to striking gold.

  6. nunya says
  7. Francisco Ramírez says

    Soulja is a con artist

  8. Angel Gonzalez says

    I know he's kind his kind lie cheat and steel now he's hustling video games I knowd his kind of people they like to scam you and take your money 💵💰. Well at least its his own ppl who buy it and support him not me why not just buy a raspberry pie at a much cheaper prize bc that what it is . Now he's calling apple evil hmm🤔 well other websites sell a similar console like his at a much cheaper prize and better performance.

  9. Ms. Vibez says

    He thought it was facts because he said it fast. You'd be surprise how many people standby that theory…🤣🤣🤣

  10. Sony and Nintedo are Japanese companies, what he was talking about?

  11. para_cuja Gaming says

    He is the biggest scam in history of scams 🤣 He said he's CEO of Atari but even Atari doesn't know that 🤣🤣🤣👌

  12. S. Cobb says

    Its called dropshipping and white label. I can't believe my people can be so slow. They say a child shall lead them.

  13. Luis Espinoza says

    The iPhone doesn't take 20 dollars too make it's actually free they been using ur money and still getting profit they haven't even touched their wallet so yeah it actually cost them negative dollars too make if that makes sense

  14. Dak_298 says

    You' are all haters bro should be lifting him up not knocking him down he more successful then we ever will be 😂

  15. Mullenio says

    When a black guy is trying to sell something that's a rip off and he claims any criticism is just fine to racism. I'd be more annoyed at him if I was black. 🤔

  16. Duke _ says

    Actually it costs $110 to make each individual IPhone

  17. JakeTheSnake says

    Yo really said, “it’s not a bootleg console.” “What games it got?” “Super Mario brothers. Nintendo. Sega . Pokémon. It can play all that.” “Is it licensed?” “Yeah they’re licensed.”
    Was in the middle of getting sued for unlicensed games lol

  18. sugarspice says

    I forgot you were there till you laughed. Stfu

  19. Carter ! says

    honestly, as someone who believes the copyright/ip laws are ridiculous and oppressive—props to him for finessing like this

  20. lap dog says


  21. Bruce Wayne says

    The asians at nintendo and the white people at apple and PlayStation dont put out knockoff garbage. They def dont brag about $250k in 1 day bcuz they kill it at $250 million in 1 day.
    Soulja just slapped a sticker on a console you can buy on the internet for $150.
    Soulja is funny thinking its a video game then later said PlayStation and Xbox wanted to buy him out LMAO

  22. Levi Lumsden says

    This clown laughed and it's TRUE soulja boy keep growing youngin.haters going to hate because they can't do what you can do.

  23. Hal Jordan says

    Soujaboi should be a comedian , look at his console 😂still proud about it , this guy should co-operate with chinese bootleg console

  24. RxkStxr Txdoe says

    I think you need a new haircut.

  25. RxkStxr Txdoe says

    Your gon keep repeating it ? We heard you the first time .

  26. Raymond Reissman says

    What a fraud

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