Splitgate: Arena Warfare – Release Date Announcement Gameplay Trailer

  1. jay Singh says

    Will this be on Xbox?

  2. a pack of sloth says

    I need a console port since my computer has the power of a potato

  3. Mister Wolf says

    This is a game for gamers.

    Now you're thinking with portals.

    Think bullets.

  4. jello v-e says

    My head hurt

  5. Plutia chan says

    Now you're slaying with portal

  6. prjct WrAtH says

    If your god at portal and halo you'll be god at this game

  7. user 1 says

    Are you coming to ps4 or xbox

  8. For The Love of Crab Kind says

    I want this game on Xbox but it isn’t on Xbox

  9. P3NGUIN says

    Can they make this on Xbox?

  10. Seth Adams says

    The fact that this is free to play, is amazing, the devs have my full support!

  11. TenMateobus16 XD says


  12. sinlessbullets says

    Xbox inbound?

  13. Christian Gonzalez says

    What this song called

  14. Sultan _of_Stanky says


  15. Connor Garrett says

    This feels like Portal meets Quake, I like it

  16. Sebastian de Vera says

    Splitgate Arena Warfare
    Sounds like a mobile game tbh

  17. Devin McCoy says

    A decent amount of the transitions in the trailer are PERFECT.

  18. Fagotron Lefluer says

    That song sounds like a knock off Kanye

  19. DrinkBleachSkids iMPR says

    (Anyone)ADD DrinkBleachSkids On Steam & Discord Lets Game Fam!

  20. InsertDecentName says

    Opponents can teleport
    Opponents can portal bullets behind you
    Opponents can basically fly
    Opponents can teleport you

    Can't imagine this game being aggravating…

  21. Gaming Weapon says

    When will it come to consele

  22. K1ngSc0ut 24 says

    So, from what I understand, this is a mix of:
    Halo and Portal.

    Best Crossover In History

  23. - Outlaw - says

    Guess shroud will be coming once it releases


    Im getting some unreal tournament vibes

  25. Moon Chan says

    When did Valve announce Portal 3?

  26. Shuhrat Kessikbayev says

    Shooter games are good
    So are Puzzle games with portals
    But mix them together you get N U T

  27. marquan 783 says

    Will there be a console version

  28. Ala The Poor says

    Shroud is coming

  29. saber7ooth says



  30. Desh says

    Is this going to be a console and PC or just PC game?

  31. Lil_dashiepogs says

    When is this gonna come in consoles?

  32. Delftaron says

    Looks so good

  33. SlvrWlf88 says

    if this came out before all th3 hero shooters…it mighta been top top news but….i hoping it does well

  34. A.Q. S. says

    Video: no chicken dinner
    Me: like

  35. symon75315 plays says

    but with portals

  36. symon75315 plays says

    its like titanfall

  37. Ekhumalo 03 says

    This better be on ps4 someday

  38. 게임폭판마 says

    Game makes our brain smarter=true now

  39. Doom Knight says

    I wanna play this game but no it's only coming to steam and not console typical got hyped for nothing.

  40. Seacow Mcwizard says

    To bad the game has Inconsistent guns, maps, gamemodes, and weapon drops. Let alone the game is terrible to begin with.

  41. Evakz says

    Ill come here in a few months to tell you guys how I am playing this.

  42. ATA_Destroyer 588 says

    Why no console? ;(

  43. PRAY IV DEATH says

    So this is what valve has been up too

  44. Lolman Playz says

    I will be back after this game becomes very famous just like csgo

  45. Juice Boi says

    Is this on ps4

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