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Starbound is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC! Explore the galaxy and uncover mysteries in a rich pixel art universe.

In Starbound, you create your own story – there’s no wrong way to play! You may choose to save the universe from the forces that destroyed your home, uncovering greater galactic mysteries in the process, or you may wish to forego a heroic journey entirely in favor of colonizing uncharted planets.

Game Pass for PC:


  1. pablo rodri says

    Por favor. Podrian considerar de agregar este juego en xbox one/series?? Muchas gracias

  2. Temmie? says

    I wonder if this game make it on xbox one?

  3. Salomon Andrade says

    So how’s that Xbox One version coming along that was announced back in 2017?

    That’s right, it was canceled…

  4. otoelpilot0 says

    Console crossplay when??

  5. Julio Santoyo says


  6. Mr. Steal your Milk says

    Please just update the game already

  7. JstRobloxPlayer UA says

    I like play starbound))

  8. Mike Wazoski says

    I dont understand why it looks so much like Terraria

    PS: first time seeing the game ever

  9. No No says


  10. Bj Ay says

    When will it be mobile :<

  11. Isaak says

    Can't wait to get this on console ! I wait so much !

  12. Gōsutodoggu says

    Did we all just get clickbaited by chucklefish? LOl

  13. ok meme says

    Bring this to console please

  14. Extremely Bored says

    so…. how do i invite friends to the game with xbox live?..

  15. Git Hub says

    Игра топ

  16. Wort Wort Wort says

    100% bring to CONSOLE PLEASE

  17. Chris Guerra says

    I really can't choose between Starbound, Terraria, and Minecraft 😁

  18. Spaceshark says

    cant believe i slept on this game i may be buying the ps5 over xbox but ill stay subbed to GP for this constant good game additions

  19. Clayton says

    Ayooo just got my first 10 hours in the game

  20. Jhoel Pacífico says

    😢 why? why? console starbound?! why not

  21. ShIzUkO U-U says

    Когда сделают на ANDROID STARBOUND??? 😢🙏

  22. Plague says

    Bruh its coming console. See the news

  23. Blain says


  24. Moor Oakheart says

    Now should I say "finally?"

  25. 2D says

    came here for help, how do i use my xb1 controller with the game

  26. Sventt says

    Bring this to console please it's beautiful

  27. Mato says


  28. Old Man Cow says

    If you want to find other people to play games with join the unofficial Xbox Game Pass Discord server here

  29. Josh. says

    Copy of Terraria?

  30. Horibline Fenix says


  31. TacunSan says

    Only english…

  32. Brian Matthews says

    Guys there's a game better than this and it's on xbox it's called terraria

  33. LegnaWodahs says

    I saw "Xbox" and thought i was going to overheat my Xbox tonight. Fool me once…

  34. Logam Walker says

    Release this on console with split screen

  35. catvsdog224 says

    I love this on Xbox it self

  36. Cooper Lahman says

    So, just another terraria ripoff. Ok

  37. saltspirits says

    If only the Microsoft store worked…..

  38. Hyze says


  39. Eric Koehler says

    Dang, I was all excited thinking it was coming to the xbox

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