Stranger Things 3: The Game – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Explore the world of the hit Netflix original series in the official game for Stranger Things 3!

Learn more about Stranger Things 3: The Game – Available Now!

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    Oh heck yes

  2. Liz Markey says

    Has anyone played this? Is it fun?

  3. Fran Spruyt says

    This is the best game ever

  4. Delight says

    Когда перевод на русский будет?
    When will the Russian translation be available?

  5. p'tit jojo says

    This is the strangest thing I've seen for Nintendo switch 👎

  6. Anthony Braem says

    Why is everyone complaining about not having Netflix on the switch? Netflix is already available on every Smart TV! Why do we need it on a gaming system?

  7. Franciene da Silva says

    😊 😍

  8. Asher The Shipper says

    I got this app its name os stranger thing 3:the game it os astounashing

  9. Joshua Woodley says

    Excuse me wheres robin

  10. TheBatFan001 says

    This seems like a game you’d play at an arcade. Why couldn’t it be more of a story based rpg type thing

  11. Cb23 says

    We get this but we still don’t have Netflix come on

  12. tsuokiri says

    uhh netflix on the switch??

  13. 76out9 7 says

    I thought this was a Minecraft skin pack trailer

  14. Screw The Net says

    Weiiird…so even if the show ends, this will continue to go on and on? lol SAY IT! SAY YES!

  15. Nicolas de Souza says

    Is this true?

  16. V0RCE Gaming says

    Why do people need Netflix on switch it’s so unnecessary just watch it on ur tv or phone or iPad

  17. FutureDev says

    The game is amazing they put hard work on the stranger things game but I would love to play it when it comes out 😁

  18. Diego Orantes says

    Fisic Version Pliz

  19. Jerome Nichols says

    This must be a sign that Netflix is coming to the switch

  20. CreamsC4AB says


  21. Kirk Rogers says

    I actually wanna play this lol

  22. C.S.J. says

    possibly dlc characters?;^;

  23. Lucas Harrison says

    Netflix, please. It’s been 2 and a half years

  24. Wiccana Valley says

    Looks like a cool beat em up with some beloved characters. Though if what the comments are saying is correct, then it's a shame we don't have Robin.

  25. Mariana Martinez says

    Zombie ate my neighbors

  26. dipstick says

    0:37 operation child endangerment

  27. Charlie Chuckleberry says

    LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM3!!! Honestly, I wouldn't even buy this if I was a fan of Stranger Things…

  28. Palestinian Lad says

    I get such a Home Alone (Sega game) vibe from this

  29. Custo Boi says

    Can you give us an upgrade of how to log on Nintendo switch and put your Nintendo switch username and picks the accounts the gamer reserved and have the same data

  30. Rodrigo Lima says


  31. PandaBomb4 says

    I am really liking it on mobile, then the Nintendo switch brings it in the shop. It'll be much easier to control 😀

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