Terminal – Trailer

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A dark, dystopian city, shrouded in darkness. In a vicious and volatile world reminiscent but not recognizable as our own, two apparently unconnected stories are unfolding across one rain swept night, twisting and interweaving around one another with unexpected consequences. Vince and Alf, streetwise gangsters and merciless assassins, are locked in an apartment, waiting to carry out a hit. A series of mysterious black briefcases containing bizarre clues has led them on a strange quest around the city; from cafes to strip clubs, from rooftops to abandoned tower blocks, and finally to the cramped confines they find themselves trapped in. Dirty, disheveled and bored to their bones, they have been stuck inside for weeks with nothing but each other for company. Sick to death of tinned soup and each other, the duo snarl and squabble, bicker and fight, driving one another to the brink of insanity as they wait to carry out their kill, nerves on edge and tempers frayed. Across the city at the eerily empty train terminal, a deathly ill schoolteacher is trying to pluck up the courage to kill himself and failing miserably. Waiting desperately for a train that isn’t coming, Bill eventually admits defeat and stumbles upon an all-night café and its proprietress, Annie, blonde bombshell and beautiful femme fatale. The unlikely duo fall into conversation and strike up an unlikely and macabre friendship, bonding over a cup of coffee as they discuss ways of helping Bill to fulfil his wish to kill himself. What starts as a quirky conversation soon takes on a more sinister tone, and Bill realizes he has let himself in for far more than he bargained for. Shuffling through the bitter night between the café and apartment is Clinton, the peculiar and prophetic night janitor, teetering on the border between eccentricity and insanity. He is the unwitting link between these two separate tales, and as the malicious actions of one lead to unexpected consequences for the other, the characters find themselves circling one another, with smiles on their faces and murder in their eyes. As the plot thickens and the night darkens, slowly but surely, the invalid street sweeper takes on an altogether more sinister role. As we flash between the past and present, slowly but surely the twisted histories of these dark and dangerous characters are revealed. They echo and ripple through each other’s’ hidden pasts, the inhabitants of this dank and dilapidated city inextricably and unnervingly drawn together by a series of events far beyond their control as their own dastardly deeds come back to haunt them with a vengeance. Before the night is out, they will come face to face with wrathful and wild justice.


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