TERMINATOR : RESISTANCE – COMBAT Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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TERMINATOR: RESISTANCE – COMBAT Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Teyon

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  1. Jeremy Bennett says


  2. Emmanuel Toledo says

    I love Termitator's sound track since the second movie

  3. Ren Memorial Moments says

    Выглядит как игра ~2010 года, но лучше чем ничего, наверно ))

  4. Robert Triplett says

    So with John Conner and Skynet dead does this game matter?

  5. Joshua Howell says

    UGH the music sucks so much

  6. One_Punch_Man says

    It’s a machine not a man

  7. SOKO MAN says

    It still can't beat my CGA Operation Wolf.

  8. Bubbly Jubbly says

    For those of you who don’t know, Reef Entertainment and Teyon also made the piece of fucking shit known as Rambo: The Video Game.

  9. saleem suliman says

    Why FPS why not Ttp?

  10. Abdullah Abdulrahman says

    Nooo this game is going to be just like Rambo game (2014).

  11. Smirking Spy says

    Why does this look like somebody decided to take cod mobile and slap terminator on it?

    Also why in the fuck does this game also look like bulletstorm without the effort/fun put into it?

  12. IAmVenom says

    Everybody in the comments must have high intellect

  13. StepKickKing says

    From the makers of “HE’S A MAN, NOT A GOD!”

  14. LuftWaffle3 says

    Looks like a generic low effort Unreal Engine 4 indie game

  15. Evo Gamer 89 says

    Wow that looks like a 4 out of 10 game if I have ever seen one haha the only way this game will be played is if you get 1000G in under an hour 😂

  16. badfoody says

    Looks boring but hey awesome soundtrack lmao

  17. Codax TheVulture says

    hitmarkers kill immersion in shooters

  18. patatacx chan says

    En el 2012 quisas pero haora neel :v

  19. HasFly says

    the animation looks like mobile games

  20. Kirylo S. Razumov says

    Don't they feel shame while making these kind of games?

  21. 4144 Theory says

    I would Cop, it if it was 3rd person.. Otherwise not interested..

  22. H0ll0w360 says

    They’re REALLY riding in this “terminator” train aren’t they? Riding it straight into the ground

  23. Endangered Mexican says

    Looks like a $10 game


    It reminds me of the killzone 2 trailer. Not real but more of a Target render

  25. Ashvin Satheesan says

    Looks like a made for mobile game

  26. ridzy 23 says

    My nerf feels more realistic than the guns shown here

  27. Luke Johnson says

    A game where there is no blood, only killing robots? No thanks.

  28. madár pauser says

    That's bad. We need to send someone back in time to kill this game when it was just an idea.

  29. Adrian M ThePRO says


  30. Bionicle16 says

    That looks like garbage.

  31. William LeGod says


  32. This is shit

  33. Сразу видно говно

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