THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

THE ADDAMS FAMILY Official Trailer (2019) Animated Movie HD
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  1. Jeremy A says

    This looks "Stage 4 Cancer" bad.

  2. ElementOfLoyalty says

    "Don't forget to kick your father goodnight"


  3. Welshy says

    Wednesday looks too cute

  4. Dung Nguyen says

    Hey Wednesday why the "long" face

    Plz like the joke ;_;

  5. The Shadows Of Regret says

    The movie's animation is funny enough based off one of the cartoon shows

  6. Terrance Williams says

    Overall, it’s really good. I think Wednesday’s design could be a tad better but I’m sure she’ll grow on to me.

  7. Karol Vanessa says

    Coloquen la película en español ami me encanta

  8. Nicole Harris says

    a shame Charlize theron is doing the voice, it sounds awful

  9. Gracee Gresham says

    A murderous clown attached to it?

  10. Alfonso Cazarez says

    0:44 Error de traducción, deberia decir "Ahí" en vez de "hay"

  11. swifthustler says

    They did Gomez SO DIRTY>:( #REMAKE

  12. Yuri the Otaku says

    0:14 am I seeing a gay couple or am I just hallucinating?
    Also if you mess this up I swear I won't play nice anymore…

  13. TenofSwords says

    Thanks, but no thanks. The original series and the two movies were perfect as is. Rest in peace Raul Julia, you are greatly missed.

  14. Jay Cow says

    It reference

  15. c j says

    In the early 90s it were a combination of live action and CGI and it looked much more natural. This is going to be a massive failure

  16. hollow Slayer says

    Where's uncle Fester

  17. Brandyn Therwanger says

    Where tf is Cousin It?

  18. pug life says

    therd is Gomez Wednesday umm…

  19. Weston Hurst says

    Two IT cameos
    1. the red balloon ?
    2. Finn Wolfhard aka Richie

  20. Evil Ghost says

    Where's the story?

  21. SplicedJeans says

    Did anyone else catch the reused Sherlock Holmes theme song in the beginning?

  22. puffu odox says

    Is Wednesday Addams suicidal??

  23. Xina Moira says

    where….where did the spiders come from…

  24. exo kai says

    i can't wait for this to come out in theaters. I grew up watching this. :)))))))

  25. Adonil Rodriguez says

    Why???what a slap face!!

  26. Jackson Rushing says

    Sorry. but the Barry Sonnenfeld movies were too good. Anything that comes afterwards is thoroughly mediocre by comparison.

  27. Judice Pickle says

    How are only a couple of people talking about the IT reference?

  28. Red Velvet says

    Anybody else think the. Morticia kinda looks like the other mother from coraline?

  29. Kylee Animations says

    Honesty, the only problem is that Wensday hair has nooses. And honestly, is something I'm scared of because I have depression. I think that if they took off the noose of her hair it will be fine. My opinion also states that kids shouldn't know about nooses yet…

  30. Momma Maria says

    I am BESIDE MYSELF with ecstasy, that this is ANIMATED and not live action!!!!
    NOBODY can out do Angelica Houston and Raul Julia!!!!!

  31. OkBk says

    I honestly thought Tim Burton was directing a CG movie when I first saw this in the theaters

  32. quartez tillman says

    0:49 IT

  33. Aubrey Catlin says

    When it says an average family in some of the family's have gay parents.?

  34. DARTH McBRICKS!! says

    Wednesday’s head looks wrong.

  35. ZeMegaManEnt says

    It would be so much better if Christopher Lloyd were the voice of Uncle Fester for this movie!

  36. Cam Purdy says

    Why did they use the song from sherlock holmes with Robert DowneyJr at the beginning

  37. Sirzechs Quasar says

    I'm definitely downloading this the day it comes out

  38. thequestionable 1 says

    No. Please no. Modern America, why are you trying to ruin everything of my childhood? Please, just tell me why.

  39. Stanley - says

    Why is the intro the Sherlock Holmes theme?

  40. IzInAZ says

    There are some problems here and the most glaring is Gomez. The O.G. John Astin was very wacky with a side of mac daddy. Raul Julia was wacky with a healthy portion of mac. This Gomez seems to have no mac but is very much wack minus the y. For those who don't know, these drawing are very much like the original comics…..but that's just it, most don't know and don't care.

  41. Georgi Georgiev says

    This looks terrible… and not in a good way

  42. Elizabeth *** says

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO theyve already ruined it

  43. Mark lepka says

    0:43 the balloon is on her right hand 0:46 now it's on her left

  44. mashroulayal says

    they made pugsley blonde wtf

  45. Amanda _Lampart says

    I’m sorry but as a diehard Adams Family fan WHY IS PUGSLEY’S SHIRT RED-STRIPED?

  46. Buttered Popcorn says

    Wednesday looks so cute in this animation and its just perfect

  47. Moopy Cheyenne says

    Wow im excited please be good?

  48. Dom Cruz says

    Who voices Thing?

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