THE ADDAMS FAMILY Trailer (2019) Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac Animation Movie

  1. New Trailer Buzz says

    The Addams Family returns as a fun-spooky animation Movie. What do you think about the Reboot?

  2. Bartosz Miraś says

    Well, this looks like shit

  3. RickACG says

    The animation looks so outdated…

  4. Anime Angel BSR says

    Can't wait for this to come out! Looks really good!!

  5. Khameran Cundiff says

    ? I’m just sick of remakes and reimaginings

  6. DethGears says

    Wednesday looks retarded. Like Morticia fucked Squidward on the side and gave birth to that.

  7. KON KLASE says

    Era nesesario el mensaje proguesista pro lgtb pro inclusión desde el inicio en una película de los locos adams

  8. bloodrunsclear says

    This doesn't hold a candle to…anything

  9. Usuario Irrelevante says

    no la veré

  10. MovieClip & Trailer says

    Bro give me a favour some tips to increase my views

  11. TheMinigamer83 says

    Unexpected, yet welcome. ?

  12. Mj Nacario says

    Wow there back…I'm excited to watch you again..

  13. deltavagen says

    omg. i do not wanna know out of which hole these spiders came from

  14. Julien Latour says

    Cant wait!! 🙂

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