THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 'Final Countdown' Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Animation HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official Final Trailer From The Angry Birds Movie 2, an animation movie starring Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Bill Hader. In theaters August 16, 2019.

The Angry Birds embark on a new adventure, while King Mudbeard, ruler of the Bad Piggies, plots revenge against them after they devastated his homeland in a prior battle to reclaim their eggs. Meanwhile, a mysterious purple bird, Zeta, tired of her life on a remote, polar island, threatens them all with her own plans for conquest.

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  1. TOM says

    2:242:25 is what you came here for

  2. محمد البريك says

    Party fuuny

  3. Jake the stick kid says

    #Its the final countdown

  4. Anthony Wolfe says

    Well it's nice to hear some old music again ?

  5. jerome1899 says

    yep the pink chick is like her parents lol

  6. kamron the dragon says

    Terrence has a CHILD?

  7. Elena Andro says

    I want red and Stella not red and Chuck sister. Damn

  8. Roma Park says

    Oh hi daddy I am just killing my sisters

  9. NATHAN and Famliy says

    Guard Eagle Victory

  10. NATHAN and Famliy says

    Happy Eagle FAIL

  11. Shadow 9000 says

    0:49 when I can’t have a tik tok account

  12. Booyakasha booya says

    1:562:23 my favorite part???

  13. Ethan Schmid says

    Okay I haven’t watched the first one but I do like this second movie trailer!!!

  14. Izuku Midoriya says

    The pigs getting along with the birds and they change a lot.

  15. Venice De Jesus says

    1:28 ? sorry man your girlfriend's never seeing you again

  16. William Fairchild says

    This is a brilliant final trailer for The Angry Birds Movie 2 and I like it

  17. Cutie pie 2000 says

    Silver is sooooooooo pretty!!!

  18. Cutie pie 2000 says

    1:30 Nice Pun!

  19. Siti Jakarta says

    Stella is nowhere

  20. Jordan Richardson says

    ?️ Cameron!!!!

  21. Little Blue Fox Artist says

    Murdah the birdah

  22. Dayana Lopez says

    Ohh my doll why didnt they do stella in the movie you know the pink bird that i think likes red dont judge me i just think that

  23. Tiago Lemos says

    So instead of having the blue triplets, we are going to have 3 other chicks with one of them being Clarence's daughter?

  24. Stephen Whitaker II says

    Well.. that got dark

  25. awesome wolf says

    I'm happy Terrence have kids

  26. Jake Ladislaus says

    Invisible spray? Spongebob did it!

  27. Calvin Fujii says

    Snake: You kids are despicable. Now GIVE ME BACK MY SKIN!

  28. Hannah Barr says

    I hope they make LEGO sets outta these????

  29. Toothless AJ says


  30. Bendy The Devil says

    Anyone ship Red and Silver?

  31. Courtney Kwong says

    I'm happy for Terrance he just be happy but I Think that he shouldn't let his daughter take her sisters while they are eggs

  32. Frankie Mckeown says

    It’s coming out on my 11th birthday!

  33. Skylar Sky says

    Im scared

  34. Abubakar Ceesay says

    So Matilda and Terrence were married before the first movies of The Angry Birds movie Valentino part 2 of the Peanuts movie oh well

  35. Teddi Tyler says

    I have a gray bird called silver

  36. Alek Galchev says

    Best trailer EVERRRRRR

  37. De Vit says

    2:16 name song? Please

  38. As aventuras de Plotagon says

    0:20 it looks like Fortnite season 7

  39. CuriousUserX90 says

    No trailer so far has shown off characters like Matilda and The Judge and Stella, surely they can’t have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

  40. Mohammed Asif says

    This is crazy awesome…..

  41. Anton Issa says

    Awww, Terence’s daughter has inherited his sinister personality

  42. Brissa DLR says

    I wonder if Red could be falling in love with Silver?

  43. Star Wars Dude 2710 says

    How'd those little kids kill that boa constrictor and turn its skin into clothes?

  44. Team chickenboiii_nam Gamer says

    I didnt know theres coming a new angry bird movie 🙂

  45. Roskert says


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