THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 Trailer (2019)

“Animation Movie” trailer

Official The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Jason Sudeikis Movie Trailer | Release: 19 Sep 2019 | More
Sequel to 2016’s Animated Hit based on the App Game.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) is the new animation movie starring Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Bill Hader.

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  1. Francyesko says

    I’m still surprised that they still didn’t announced Lego sets based on the sequel. Because in 2016 they released Lego sets based from the first movie

  2. Wolfie o-O Channel says

    Ice ice baby XD

  3. Islamic Official says

    This is awsm

  4. Insanity master says

    The song behind is under pressure by queen

  5. le al balw says

    Every day, we stray further from god

  6. Tamkanat Munir says

    " Birds Age "

  7. Polluted says

    That should actually be the new ice age

  8. Huginn Hjartarson says

    Zeta is the new enemy

  9. E Kannan says

    welcome angry birds

  10. colambus t says

    I’m waiting for next minions movie

  11. Gurupatham P says

    Iam waiting

  12. Gorkem guvene says

    Angry birdsin filminin türçe flragmanlnl yap

  13. be you says

    0:58 looks wierd


    Is that voice of Chuck

  15. murugan ravindharan says

    Who all are exited for this movie like

  16. Kuddu Happy says

    So excited

  17. Cheyenne Sanders says

    0:59 I like the little chick's reaction

  18. Aiden Konyar says

    There's a bird who lives in an ice island. But I'm sure he has a name.

  19. Azka Shams says

    This summer winter is coming

  20. Gruigi Universe says

    Can we have a fortnite movie instead?

  21. Funko Guy says

    oh cwap

  22. Gaming Hub says

    I hate the song

  23. charles barkson says

    Who asked for this?

  24. Cyber Cool says
  25. Nibar Shriyan says

    1:00 bacon hair lol

  26. Theodore's Dancing Channel says

    2019 saying winter

  27. VINCE Frederik says

    1:14 dude i wouldve rage more than you

  28. LILLIAN WALSH says

    Ice Ice Baby

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