The Callisto Protocol – Official Extended Gameplay Trailer (Director's Cut) | Summer Game Fest 2022

  1. striden57 says

    so…deadspace got it

  2. Lone Wolfsbane says

    It's a cheap clone of dead space

  3. Michael McGrath says

    That stomp is so damn satisfying

  4. Mitch Sterling says

    This is what halo4 should have been and the ones that followed. A straight up horror game with flood zombies like this. Exactly like this and then some Jenga in custom games.

  5. 4x4 Vania says

    Another damn Zombie game.

  6. WhiteTower Games says

    This game was disappointing, and it felt rushed. The combat got dull very quickly, and there was close to zero exploration to find some secrets.

  7. Ismaïl Aboubakarov says

    Looks like The Last of Us and Dead Space had a baby.

  8. Anyone else beat the game on maximum security and not awarded the trophy???

  9. ETHRON1 says

    It looks like Riddick met Alien and had a 3some with Dead space…

  10. 66alex6699 says

    Ok game nearing the end and eager to finish. One time playthrough not interested in dlc. Its not a bad game just not a great game. Repetitive gameplay, non-existant story, clunky and unreliable controls. Badly designed save system. Nearly non- existant music. Neatly designed but predictable graphics. 6/10

  11. Matthew Brown says

    This seems to have an Evil Within gone to space kind of vibe.

  12. Ken ho says

    That space ship at the very beginning looked like the flying thing if alien covenant lol

  13. Mason McConnell says

    ill be buying this for sure

  14. 2bkoi says

    Callisto doesn't have an atmosphere though.

  15. Ryan LaCoss says

    This game was amazing. It's prob not for everyone but if you put in the time and effort, the game pays off. Incredible environments, amazing story, and killer scenes. The ending was 💯🔥💯🔥

  16. Jack Cooper says

    This is the next dead space and this is so greeeeeeeeeeat !!

  17. Yunior Gamboa says

    Woah, this did not age well…

  18. PlayStation Gameplay says

    Do Not Buy This Game
    It Is Garbage Trust Me ppl
    I want to save your money

  19. Jesse Robles says

    looks like another Strand Type game…

  20. DERYLLE DE VERA says

    Dead space clone, which is resident evil 4 clone. Too bad looked nice this trailer.

  21. Terrance Roberson says

    Looks like dead space

  22. Zog Hunter says

    The monsters look like sh-it, shame because the rest of it looks nice.

  23. Ⅎnll ɐnʇo says


  24. Brandon says

    NGL, this be looking to scary for me 😂😂😂

  25. Koja says

    The game feels unfair at the best of times. What a disappointment

  26. wevz. says

    This looks amazing, sci fi + zombies 🫶🏾

  27. 90sKid says

    Here cuz of doc lol and def coppin now also a big fan of resident evil dead space left 4 dead dino crisis and much more like that

  28. Preetee TsuTsu says

    I'm definitely too scared to play this

  29. Big Chungus says

    So it’s literally dead space… except probably worse?

  30. Paul M says

    Only a few games ever really scared me to the point of goosebumps or jumps. FEAR, Resident evil village, Outlast, Dead Space etc….but this has me freaked out just watching the trailer! Awesome.

  31. ChiiLoX says

    Main Charakter einfach mal Kollegah

  32. NomadDCLXVI says

    Seems like that Dead Space head stomp is back with this one. Seems that space horror fans will be busy for a while.

  33. Shane Ryan says

    Finally! A third person horror game. So sick of lazy first person game releases.

  34. AchranMallory says

    Man, the last guy just bit into him like an apple, didn't he?

  35. A Cat with Wiskers says

    Bro got murkes so many times

  36. I’m bored says

    Looks brilliant, I’m always hesitant when it comes to preordering tho. But it’s tempting.

  37. swagoscar20 says

    hi jon

  38. SpacedOutGamez says

    Dead space vibes

  39. LookHere3 says

    Lets go boyzzz!!!

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