The Curse of La Llorona – Trailer

  1. joseph lucero says

    I'm going to see it tonight. I think this movie is different if you grew up in New Mexico because our parents would tell us about the llorona. If you were being bad they would knock on the walls and tell you she's coming to get you because you're being bad. They would yell you she walks up and down the river crying and looking for kids to steel. Llorona means crying woman. My grandmother live right along an irrigation ditch next to the Rio Grande river and after it got dark we were terrified to go outside alone! Can't wait to see what the did with it.

  2. Carol De La Penotiere says

    Watching tonigh

  3. Martha Cox says

    That is real cool and tell me the best miove

  4. Megan boller says

    Seeing to night oof..

  5. George Buford says


  6. Krusty kruz says

    This looks good but scary

  7. Gerri Williams says

    Looks good might watch I love horror movies

  8. Nature ! says

    Someone please tell me why females are so addicted to horror movies ?

  9. Trenton_30 says

    That girl looks like Isabela Moner

  10. Jessi Vlogs says

    When my parents use to tell it to me to scare me it was scarier than this movie not at all how I remember over exaggerated is a trash ass movie

  11. DJ 815YSN says
  12. ben to says

    i watched this and it wasn’t scary at all, i slept like a baby afterwards.

  13. Tu Princesa says

    Este papá ?

  14. Kiki Do you love me says

    are there bad scenes in this movie

  15. TheMofobuss says

    So its like every single other horror movie that comes out…who cares

  16. Challenges in Bloxburg! says

    When I went to watch this at the Harkins theater my mom scared me because she told me that she is going to be under my seat lmao

  17. Frank Apodaca says

    Mexican horror story only to scare them… lol what's next the the black hearse story and the dead bodies full of drugs

  18. Greengo Construction Llc says

    This is probably a stupid question but I have not seen the movie and my twelve-year-old wants to go see it with her friends I told her no, what do y'all think?

  19. Isaura Hernandez Lopez says

    The song at the end, it’s popouler!…or used to

  20. Isaura Hernandez Lopez says

    There is a animated one (less scary). It said that her kids died so young in fire, in a house, all alone. When people found her children’s, she didn’t believe it, so she died and her soul stayed, she captured many children’s to replace her old ones, so that she could be comforted and not alone. She couldn’t face the fact that her children’s where gone. At the end, she turns into a spirit and lives with her (real) children’s in heaven

  21. No l le says

    This movie makes
    Me uncomfortable

  22. Kent C. says

    Comment #136

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  23. Arthur Balmdiano says

    Going to see if tonight yay can't wait the trailer looks good ??

  24. Crystal Barrientez says

    This story was for us kids to come home before dark so we b safe in the house kids would get tooken in the streets by her not there homes but u can hear her call out was a beautiful voice n woman

  25. Lex Pikul says

    this was so scary compared to what i was expecting

  26. stephanie molina says

    Ok ?

  27. Bobby Antuna says

    Let me know if it's worth seeing

  28. Earthy x says

    Same people who made insidious?

  29. Ken Goetsch says

    Going in an hour to see it

  30. Lori McAdoo says

    I remember kids in middle school telling me about this story ?

  31. Cesar Guerrero says

    I am mexican and i can read the words also la llorrona is a real urban legend where she left her husband and raised her own children. 2 years later la llorrona threw her children in a river in mexico so yeah thats preettyyy much it :

  32. Patty Tabora says

    La Llorona is real! When I was in my country, one night I went late at night to the patio to get my laundry and I heard her crying. It was the most horrible experience of my childhood ??

  33. Eclipse Sleeps says

    I'm excited to see this movie today

  34. Jamie Craig says

    I'm calling Trump to deport her scary ass! Lol

  35. Jonathan Reed says



    mhat was creepy

  36. Jonathan Reed says


  37. Terri Kirk says


  38. Kevin says

    La llorona is real y'all just remember that when you're watching this movie. ???

  39. david salinas says

    I think I’ve heard those screams in the cliffs of La Conquista in Floresville Texas as a kid- I’m 60 now – I’m not a chicken but have no desire to see this movie!!!!

  40. its me the unknown says

    I watched la llorona

  41. ROKette83 says

    Why didn't velma just call scooby and the rest of the gang?

  42. Brenda Mariscal says

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