The First Descendant – Official Trailer

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Watch the full, action-packed trailer for The First Descendant to get a peek at the world, the game’s co-op play, huge monsters, and more from this upcoming third-person co-operative action RPG shooter. The First Descendant is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

A Steam beta is scheduled for October 20-26, 2022, featuring 10 playable characters. Sign-ups for the Beta are available now.

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  1. Karsui says

    While under Nexon are some decent games, the company itself is known to poorly manage the games in general.
    Starting with payment models and in-game; unfair progression systems (yes, even for whales), ending on servers stability.

  2. ThinkItStraight says

    Nobody talks about Lost Planet 2 anymore 😔 The OGs of OG. Its all Anthem, Destiny etc.

  3. Christopher Arthur says

    ROFL. Anthem getting a remake already? This looks like absolute garbage wrapped in gold plated foil.

  4. Swaggmire215 says

    If bayonetta, destiny, warframe, and anthem had an orgy.i need it now

  5. David Low says

    5% gameplay footage, with the remaining 95% cinematic footage. no thanks, gonna wait for the real gameplay footage first

  6. Ross says

    Anthem + Outriders had a baby…

  7. Sam Bauman says

    " If there's no gameplay on display, ask yourself what DON'T they want to show you." – Zero Punctuation

  8. SoundProof Recordings says

    multiplayer lost planet??


    Could be a better anthem

  10. Damage Included says

    Warframe's Destiny – The Anthem Chronicles

  11. Corey H says

    In no combat situation real or fake do high heels work. Developers need to get rid of this idea

  12. Gaming Seriez says

    Can this be the one that does it right

  13. Brian says

    From the creators of Anthem….

  14. Michael Torres II says

    Nexon? Nope.

  15. Thelemonman22 says

    damn new destiny update looks crazy

  16. BDough says

    wow looks like an interesting movie, maybe theyll make a tie in RTS for it or something like Warhammer 40k eventually. Either that or its gonna be the next Anthem cuz that was a lot of flash that left me unable to remember a single thing 5min later

  17. Cassini 7 says

    reminds me defiance and destiny :O

  18. Cybeast dmz says


  19. My Romeo says

    Looks like Outriders except it's P2W since it's Nexon's.

  20. Kriid K says

    Companies today spend more time and effort making cinematic trailers than making the actual game !!!

  21. Bruh says

    Warframe X Destiny X Anthem

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