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The official #TheLastOfUs trailer is here. From the Emmy award-winning creator of Chernobyl and the creator of the acclaimed video game, the new HBO Original series premieres Jan 15 on @hbomax.

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  1. HBO Max says

    Check out what else is new on HBO Max here:

  2. Mr.LightzPlease says

    Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, the music all just gives me tears of joy. God I love this franchise

  3. Siegerinjesus says

    And where in Switzerland can i see that?

  4. выглядит дешовенько

  5. Ronald Wright says

    I feel like this show can go really well and proper or take a dive bomb from millions of feet in the air

  6. Tommy Boman says

    Two great actors, but so misplaced and wrongly cast it is not even funny. And this sounds and looks horrible. Not going to watch this nonsense. And thanks the God's for not making a sequel to this game. Only one story, and one game, ah, yea.

  7. Pierre Fab says

    And yet ANOTHER zombie/monster movie where ONE kid is the cure blah blah blah…..Protect the kid blah blah blah

    Yawning 🥱

  8. Pauly Guitary says

    It’s interesting how Ellie looks kinda like Ashley Johnson when she was child rather than the game character. I like it tho, particularly if they have an Ashley cameo playing her mom in a flashback or something.

  9. Capy slay says

    The soft take on me in the background omggg

  10. Happydayao hd says

    We all know how this ends , and what happens when you kill random NPC's , you get a retconed Binary female with a unrealistic body type in a apocalyptic world uses a golf club and plot armor to get REVENGE!!
    oh jeez revenge is so bad guys but only if your ellie

  11. justin prater says

    Is that the red viper of dawn

  12. Cory James says

    Everyone seems to be commenting on how much they nailed the game but honestly… This doesn't feel like it one bit to me. I wanted it to, but I think the creation of this show was a mistake. People are going to think they have experienced this story but I truly don't think its possible to translate it this way… The game format is needed to embed yourself into these characters. I feel anyway…

  13. Joseph Campbell says

    Since when was Joel Hispanic?

  14. ParasKamu says

    haha game of thrones ppl 😀

  15. Saturn says

    Take on me playing got me in tears😭

  16. L. D. J says

    Sam 😔💔

  17. Bintu says

    my only problem is i can't see ellies acrress as ellie

  18. Bintu says

    the take on me soundtrack and in tlou part 2 when ellie sings it is a great "easter egg"

  19. Stephen J says

    just over here crying. tlou is such a personal, important series for me, and this looks absolutely stunning. i cannot wait to watch this over and over again!

  20. LAARONS says

    1:20 how is this fat f*ck alive 20 years into zombie apocalypse? She would eat so many rations I'm pretty sure they would rather kill-off this whale right away

  21. Santana Williams says

    Well at least they don’t have there accents with all due respect thank god😅 I found it hard too see them as Joel and ellie, really hope we don’t see Abby at all 😂

  22. RenderPeach says

    Ellie pretending to turn is very accurate to her video-game personality.

  23. Kenny Gramajo says

    Can't wait. As long as they keep it true to the game, script and all, it should be fantastic.

  24. Badim_er says

    I don't want to offend anyone, but what a scary Ellie is here

  25. Nicolas says

    Ashley Johnson as Anna, the mother of Ellie, is amazing (literally and metaphorically)

    Edit: Do you remember that "American Daughters" poster in Uncharted 4?

  26. Jon G says

    I’m ready to be emotionally destroyed (again) if they begin the show like the game did 😭 rip Sarah (Nico Parker) 0:17

  27. Ayushman Basu says

    For the ones who have played the game, let’s not start comparing the series with the game. It won’t be exact and there will be some alterations for cinematic purposes. As long as they get the storyline straight while building on the relationships it will be great.

  28. Robert Ogura says

    Where's Joel?

    I didn't see him throughout the trailer.

    If Pedro Pascal is supposed to be Joel, this is already a fail and a hard pass for a fan of the game.

  29. Kelvin Veizaga says

    They literally could’ve gotten someone identical to the characters from the game. It’s a huge disappointment but hopefully the show itself doesn’t disappoint

  30. Ham Fingers says

    Why is Elle fat?

  31. Bennivideo says

    It’s gonna be trash

  32. Pudgyfolds says

    Troy Baker and ESPECIALLY Ashley Johnson more than anyone is the heart of tlou. I really hope they get their due in the tv show. I had my heart set on Ashley playing an older Ellie in part 2 just like the game but i guess im cool with her playing her mom, hopefully she gets a lot of screen time and story

  33. OddlyGothic says

    I'm so excited to see Ellie vs David. That was such a big part for me because it showed how Joel was Ellie's safe place. I just hope the actors don't bomb this 😭

  34. Bellvm says

    Pedro Pascal… absurd amounts of cringe

  35. VariTimo says

    I think it’s incredibly interesting that we’ve slowing started to adopt a lower standard of filmmaking as the new normal. Like this show might very well be quite good. And the cast looks amazing. So why am I not blown away by atmosphere and tension? Because they’re forgetting how to do that. The games were incredibly atmospheric with a real sense of the world. Now, much like with The Rings Of Power, we have a premium high end TV show that looks like the a mid budget network show with commercials. And that’s what they want us to pay 15 bucks a months for. And I wanna make it clear that it’s not just the studios/streamers. This is just as much the filmmakers fault for not trying anymore. Beautifully crafted stories through motion are still possible, you just have to be able to see why it’s important to put in the work.

  36. Ron Marcelo says

    Lyanna Mormont and the Viper! Along with a kickass story. This is gonna be amazing!

  37. Jimmy Salcedo says

    This might be better than the walking dead tbh

  38. Baek SnowB says


  39. Levi Davis says

    Well, good thing I don't have HBO… -.- Wish it wasn't exclusive

  40. Lindzaye says

    I think Bella Ramsey is perfect as Ellie, idgaf that she doesn't look like Ellie from the game. The spirit, the voice, the wit, it's all there.

  41. The real Lomas-chenko says

    Let's hope they don't eff it up as badly as they did pt2

  42. Eman Shah says

    why resident evil has no prefect live action movie? last of us look great

  43. yo says

    Agent wiskey

  44. BriEntAnderson says

    Awe some much for a good looking cast. He so doesn't fit Joel's look.

  45. Charles De Rosas says

    after the disappointment of TLOU2 please don't kill off joel in the middle of the series please.

  46. medguy101 says

    I don't know what game all of you are talking about….and sorry for that…but I'm here for Pedro Pascal and gonna watch anything he's in.

  47. anders h says

    its just the walking dead, without the dead

  48. Thomas says

    this better be good

  49. BEN ZED says


  50. 4NG3L says

    never been more excited for a show in my life

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