The Loft House – Trailer

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If the scars of loneliness and longing take root in your blood, you will be a thirsting orphan looking for a breast – Nana. As a little boy, he witnessed his mother’s suicide, and was abandoned in a boarding school by his father, rejected by his peers. Today, he fights the demons of his past. Boet, a free-spirited creative young man fails to be the son his difficult and dying father demands. He rebels against his farming inheritance and escapes on the road of drug addiction and promiscuous living. An illegal art-deal goes south – Boet nearly lands up dead. He goes home, confronted by his father’s death and the long lost brother he never knew he had. Boet finds himself back in the loft house where his mother hung herself and starts the journey of forgiveness and restoration. This time, recognizing the safe place he can exhibit in his artwork successfully.


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