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From the developers of Blair Witch comes a new, next-gen horror game. As players assume the role of Marianne, a medium haunted by visions of a child’s murder, they’ll venture off to an abandoned hotel on a search for answers. The Medium will feature a musical score made in collaboration between Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and Silent Hill’s Akira Yamaoka.

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  1. JPalm27 says

    Sounds like love psalm from silent hill 2

  2. Brett Viner says

    Will this run on the Xbox one s?

  3. bobsteve md says

    what's the difference between this and the time travel in titanfall 2 other then graphics of course . is it a actual big leap in tech ?

  4. Zaderian Hardwick says

    I bet everyone who buys this likes fallout 76 and fifa, NBA, and madden games

  5. Javier Guardado says

    Alan wakes wife

  6. Ardy Saputra says

    The best game … xbox series s

  7. Emiliano Merendino says


  8. Aimad LAHRECH says

    Silent Hill …

  9. Aimad LAHRECH says

    Silent Hill …

  10. Niamh NB says

    would love to spend another 500 for a console which will be outdated next year for probably a new one and i would love a ps5 but wait its too expensive. come on be fair and let people play this game on all consoles

  11. rn says

    Death stranding 2

  12. Gemma Nepean says

    Your remark reveals plenty of level of sensitivity.🙉🐨

  13. Tabula Rasa says

    It's like she's crossing over in Constantine.

  14. Noteyouraverage says

    Give me more! I want more!

  15. todd says

    the artworks resemble that of the "nightmare artist" (i don't remember his name)

  16. James Sterling says

    Demons, children and a final girl… Nuff said

  17. Like a Leaf in the Wind says

    So, Indigo Prophecy again but without the conspiracy of the homeless guys?

  18. some guy some guy says

    Friends: Hey. What is that game?
    Me: That game is medium
    Friends: Wut. The game is not even release! How do you know?……..Ooh. its Medium!

  19. David Falade says

    Another walking simulator?

  20. Jean Bethencourt says

    More low effort, 1st person horror?

  21. Cyrus Rafiee says

    Looks like Silent Hill too, like when you touch a red mark and the world around you starts to change for the worst.

  22. Preng 23 says

    this style of ballads
    kind of remind me PSone era

  23. kimbercustompro1911 says

    Looks very cool, but if I'm being honest, outside of the music I don't see any similarities to silent hill in either tone or atmosphere. Granted I'm judging based off of very little footage, but I just didn't feel the dread that those early SH trailers had. I know this is a new IP but the pedigree, I imagine at least, is supposed to evoke memories of playing those early silent hill titles. Hope I'm wrong because like many others I though PT nailed the dread and the atmosphere while being something different then what people were expecting. I would love for this to do the same as PT before it, but the environments look like something out of Doom Eternal.

  24. Qbert_ SyFy says

    New generation of Silent hill

  25. BOSS SHAWN says

    This game looks so dope! I’m definitely buying this along with the XBOX Series X.

  26. getinha pote says

    Im a simple man…

  27. Steven Jan Cadena says

    This is interesting, probably the only interesting trailer in that whole showcase. And I'm curious how that backed rumor of Sony's Silent Hill is shaping up with Akira Yamaoka seemingly having multiple games.

  28. Horror-ble Gamer says


  29. leandro Madeireira says

    I want to now, it will be any kind of combat system in this game, or it will be just like silent hill shattered memories ?

  30. mkdfan says

    This and Scorn have me very interested!

  31. orkako says

    The Beksinski

  32. Oscar Féliz says

    This game will not come to PS5.

  33. massabeeste says

    Gives of a Silent Hill vibe …

  34. marctorres654 says

    Spear of destiny

  35. Syfi Freak!!!!!! says

    Very intriguing.

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