The Outbound Ghost – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The Outbound Ghost is an adventure RPG about a ghost figuring out the cause of their own death, and helping others come to terms with the afterlife. Coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Jake says

    When is this game arriving to Nintendo??

  2. Jade M says

    When is the release date ?

  3. Colette Brunel says

    I love it! It add in different pieces of paper mario theme, SMT and dragon quest gameplay.

  4. Micah Jones says

    I heard if this game a while back and cannot wait!

  5. TooTyrnt says

    Love how everyone except Nintendo is make a “true” Paper Mario game lol

  6. Hamad Alrowaie says

    All of the handhelds had the best fighting games on them 😐 TEKKEN and DEAD OR ALIVE on the psp , 3ds , ps vita and the wii u !!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR TEKKEN 7 AND DEAD OR ALIVE 6 TO BE ON THE SWITCH !! THE SWITCH IS BECOMING THE BEST HANDHELD OF ALL TIMES !! AND IT DESERVES THE BEST !!! 😡😤 SO MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDOOOOOO !!!! And don't forget about the rest of resident evil games !! 😤

  7. Brian O'Meara says

    Dude this looks like a better paper mario game than several of newest ones. The last one i liked was TYD

  8. Gabriele V. says

    0:43 "this is my only way to ascend" – so the plot takes inspiration also from Spiritfarer, huh. That's really cool!

  9. Dobadobadooo says

    I am so glad I was bored enough to click on this trailer, because this game looks legitimately awesome. I went from not having even heard of this game's existence to it already being one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Take notes Nintendo, this is the kinda Paper Mario game people have been asking for.

  10. Davide Allegrucci says

    A real "sequel" to Paper Mario is coming… finally

  11. Jpuc says

    really said nintendo wont make paper mario better so we will

  12. Seanski says

    "paper rpg" is such a great term for games like this and bug fables

  13. GreenSnickers says

    Thanks miyamoto, you destroyed paper mario so much we literally have to make our own. Lol. Great job.

  14. Jacob Cordell says

    All nintendo games need voice acting

  15. jimboy de juan says

    Looks like paper mario and Bug fables.

  16. Jack N says

    Wow, visuals are almost on par with PM Origami King! Really polished looking

  17. Ad Den says

    It's uhhh…. Cute.

  18. YouTube para de me recomendar trailer de jogo bom, meu cartão de crédito agradece

  19. Lexi Michaud says

    The subsequent handicap muhly name because sagittarius dentsply squeak aboard a abnormal energy. eight, elated carp

  20. Lemuel Delvalle says

    Paper Mario:Afterlife.

  21. AnonPer says

    It is a little weird that "Paper RPG" is now its own thing.

  22. TheGreenThunder says

    Now we’re talking! This game looks fantastic and I like the idea of ghosts being the main characters. I enjoyed Bug fables so I’m eager to see what this game has in store

  23. reekhavoc says

    Look at the NINTENDO these kids get to grow up with this Era! So great

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