THE QUEEN'S CORGI Trailer (2019)

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official trailer for The Queen’s Corgi, an animation movie starring Julie Walters and Jack Whitehall. In UK theaters July 5, 2019.

“The Queen’s Corgi” is about the adventure of Rex, the British monarch’s most beloved dog, who loses track of his mistress and stumbles across a clan with dogs of all kinds confronting and fighting each other. During his epic journey to return to the queen, Rex falls in love and discovers his true self.

漏 Wild Bunch Germany


  1. martin latham says

    Ok film rex does not sound like jack whitehall at all though

  2. Moony RBLX says

    I watched this yesterday it's amazing!!

  3. FinnGeometry says

    This looks, ok

  4. Darth Eevee09 says

    the only intrest in the movie donald trump

  5. captain marie says

    I lost it when the music started 1:06

  6. kawaii dogo says

    I love corgis so much

  7. Andre Insomnia says

    The Trump references are uncalled for. I鈥檓 convinced this movie is just one big SJW protest at Trump disguised as a kids movie.

  8. OGRE MONKEY says

    This looks fucking awful

  9. Name Redacted says

    This is why we have furries, don't let your kids watch.

  10. Kkaebsong 95321 says

    Lol I only came to see if anyone else in the comments knew that the voice actor for Trump is the same as Shadow the Hedgehog.

  11. Amy Louise Irving says

    This is how you realise how British Jack Whitehall is??

  12. Iarland says

    I refuse to pay money to see this!

  13. Cool plus man 2 lol Replica says

    Why does Donald Trump look like a freaking Asian in this movie bro look at his Head l hair he looks so fat his face looks so fatter

  14. L Galliard says

    I will watch this movie because of you Donald Trump. LoL 馃榾

  15. Sofia Rossiter says

    Aww I love his cute British accent it's so posh too ???

  16. treat trick says

    yes a corgi movie finally

  17. Cutiekitty the cat says

    That Corgi is really cute

  18. Ann S says

    I love how the narrator says the craziest as Trump steps out of the car on his phone (probably insulting someone else on Twitter -_-) AND THEN HE CALLS THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND LIZ! HOW DISRESPECTFUL TO AN IMPORTANT MONARCH!

    Lol I might be American but Donald Trump can be so rude and is one of my least favorite people! (Please no offense to anyone)

    (By the way I love the English monarchs and i can't wait to see a movie about there dogs!)

  19. Himangi Jayakar says

    Socialist dogs start with the queens corgi overthrowing the British monarchy to make room for Soviet Britain

  20. Himangi Jayakar says

    Enter ze Trump Hello, nice place you got liz

  21. sega616 says


    I do not see a Muslim anywhere in this movie.

    (Now to wait for the comments)

  22. Xsanity Official says

    Just watched the movie it's so funny

  23. Ashley Fallows says

    I've seen dah movie

  24. Ctrl-alt-delete Official says

    What in the world

  25. Siobhan Beggy says

    Has anyone acc seen this film, and if so lemme know of its good pls

  26. Strange Fox_55 says

    Secret life of pets??????

  27. XxPoloXx says

    wut is that sound 1:08

  28. guo ren says

    a lot of people said that this movie has inapporaite content which i do not believe

  29. Unipop 3 says

    Any Corgis lovers????

  30. Ponies4Life says

    Why the flippin flip is trump in a movie…? He mustn鈥檛 be very happy…

  31. Colin Campbell says

    Any reason to insult TRUMP… Nice one!

  32. Jessica Parker says


  33. Lieutenant Axner says

    0:56 He obviously says "Pussy cat"

  34. 343plus says

    should be called how to have a reptilian queen

  35. 路 L Y N N E 路 says

    I knew jack could sound like a posh twat if her put his mind to it.

  36. Suki Of Darkness says

    Trump will go down as one of the most remembered presidents ever with this amount of attention. Obama who?

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