The Red Lantern – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The Red Lantern is available now on #NintendoSwitch:

Learn what it’s like to adopt a team of sled dogs, live off the land, and navigate the Alaskan bush in the latest gameplay trailer from @TimberlineGames 🐺

#TheRedLantern #TimberlineGames

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  1. TemporaryFind says

    Wish it was open world

  2. Matt Giesler says

    Most of my time playing this game is going to consist of me petting the doggos

  3. Adablur says

    I love stuff like this. I also hate stuff like this because of the potential for doggo deff AND I NO WANT DOGGO DEFF NO!!!!!!

  4. ~Wolfi~ says

    I was wondering if this game has language. I’ve saw stacyplays do it and didn’t see any language ? Does it have language?

  5. Jens of Sweden says

    Me: This game looks so nice and relaxing
    Also me: If anything happens to these digital doggos I will never be able to feel joy again

  6. The Ancient Lantern says

    This looks awesome. Lol.

  7. Mary Wallace says

    To anyone who thinks this game is bad, it isn't a bad game, it's actually a realy good game. Yeah, you have to shoot animals but the point of this game is that you're surviving with your dogs out in the wild and you're going to a place that's basically off the grid. So, if you went to live out in the wild irl, and you were far from civilization, your only meansn of survival would to hunt animals for food. Humans did it long before we invented civilizations, so those instincts are still there inside us. Besides overall, this game is about starting a new life, surviving, and living with the consequences of your actions. You don't really "die" in the game, it just ends up as a "nightmare" so all the supplies you found throughout your first/previous run will end up with you and your experience will be listed in a journal in the form of clues as to how to do better.

  8. Arthupa Bisteca says

    Lançem para a Nintendo eshop brasileira

  9. KISMO says

    Oh look firewatch clone with dogs and without olly moss art 🤣

  10. Ephemeral Snow says

    In an alternate universe where Chloe moves out to Alaska and starts a puppy fam.

  11. The Duckaholic Gamer says

    This looks kinda interesting.

  12. Raflazar Loaslera says

    Hi there Kara

  13. nadchomatcha says

    That looks dope.

  14. Empgrenade21 Inc. says

    Looks awesome wish it was for ps4

  15. Ryan Torrie says

    Mush mush I can just see the dev to behind this game

  16. Trask Pilgrim says

    It's The Long Dark with sled dogs…yes please.

  17. Keith McKellar says

    With blood and rage- oh wait wrong one lol

  18. Mushroom Head says

    Only the Green Lanterns can save us!

  19. raine happy says

    See now when I read the title Red Lantern, I thought of something completely different. DC Comics, anyone? Haha!

  20. John Ross says

    Pikmin vibes

  21. Superia says

    This gives me the long dark vibes with dog sled.
    I’m sold.

  22. pathways678 says

    I'm not okay with shooting animals.

  23. Lol the people in the comment saying the graphics are bad obviously don’t know how to appreciate games.

  24. Anni Lunatix says

    the grafic is horrible for 2021….

  25. Hillary MJ says

    I can’t wait play this! As long as my doggos don’t die…

  26. ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr says

    I dont want to be a female character though

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