The Saddest Easter Eggs In Video Games

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This video contains some of the saddest Easter eggs in video games. This is the third video I’ve made on sad Easter eggs in video games and it contains 4 Easter eggs related to dogs so its approximately 4000 times sadder than the rest.

Music used: Dead Island Trailer Theme

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The Saddest Easter Eggs In Video Games:

Fallout New Vegas Futurama Easter Egg
SpiderMan PS4 Miles Morales’ dads grave
Red Dead Redemption 2 Sad Dog Easter Egg
Battlefield 1 Cat Easter Egg
Hitman Sad Couple Easter Egg
Apex Legends Dog Easter Egg
Mordhau Totalbiscuit Easter egg
Just Cause 4 Gravestones

All Mordhau Gameplay was recorded by myself. RDR2.

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  1. Captain Eggcellent says

    I really, really hope this video makes you sad. For more sad Easter eggs click here and thank you for watching!

  2. LoneWolf25 says

    This one is the saddest of these videos of them for me.

  3. foxy says

    The mariage proposal in spider man is so sad

  4. GaMeR_ GiRl0497 says

    Man the dog Easter eggs are sad when I gave my puppy to my dad so I can go to my room to do homework my puppy was crying and when my mom called me my puppy went from my dad to the other couch on the edge wanting to be with me . Now I know who would wait for me if I end up missing 🥺🥺

  5. Loris Berger says

    9:02 i hate you for showing me that…

  6. Diana García says


  7. Uno Bells says

    So sad make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  8. Thesilentviper6867 says

    That BF1 story made me cry I'm a huge cat lover

  9. Caitlyn Heilenman says

    what's the name of the music that plays during the video?

  10. Foxtron Demon protector says

    Wasnt the battlefild 1 with the Light house owner Noop from battlefild freinds

  11. K B says

    God dammit why’d you’d have to include the piano music I was expecting a voice over that got me choked up at a couple clips 😪

  12. the holy crusader says

    Boomers where I started crying

  13. Hannah King says

    The cheating gf one was really messed up, poor dude

  14. Keabon Hall says

    The devs for JC3 putting gravestones in hits hard. My sister passed when when she was only a little over two months and I was 4. No matter what, you want to create something in their name, even if it’s just a memorial

  15. Chorrizo says

    8:47 that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

  16. Jordon Jasper says

    the totalbiscuit one did have me tear up

  17. Mark Heathcliff says

    Bro when I first saw that hitman Easter egg I got so pissed that a killed the first guard I saw, then unloaded 3 full mags into the guy.

  18. Darth Maul says

    Something else that kinds sad is in Halo Reach, when that one marine is sitting in a lift and he keeps holding a gun to his head and saying stuff like “I can’t do this anymore” “I need to end it” or something along those lines, been a year or so since I played it but I remember seeing it, but other who have played Reach, did you guys find this? I know all of Reach is sad, but this moment is just more so because of the obvious stress fighting the covenant caused for him 😔

  19. KantoFilms says

    I'm so happy Boomer is happy and alive in farcry 6

  20. Kerry Maskell says

    My other dog died in December I'm sorry Elmo💦🙏😭

  21. Kerry Maskell says

    Yeah a dog dying will brake my heart I have a dog

  22. Brian Blackburn says

    As a cat loving fanatic the one with the guy who lost his cat makes me extremely sad

  23. Luna says

    The hitman one reminds me of the moment where a guard gets fired, rejected by someone he thought was his friend and commited suicide by jumping off.
    His name was Jeremy Bold, the game's Hitman 3.

    If u wanna link:

  24. Clam Chowdah says

    Don’t be sad boomer actually survives in far cry 6 he can be found in a shipping container he can be your pet as well

  25. G2 says

    Cool detail in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the watch tracks the time in real life in military time.

  26. Donovan Allen says

    i was kinda ok with the others but boomer hit me hard

  27. TrillieDon says

    4:15 that’s where i it gets sad

  28. Fard Imposter says

    The music makes it sadder

  29. ジAsxtinn says

    ⚠️SPOILER WARNING ⚠️ in far cry 6 you can actually find a dog in crate and dani names in boom boom and they both look identical so maybe boomer was actually still alive

  30. John royce Mission says

    0:45, even an dogs brain are stupid, they also had the inevitable loyalty and love to they're owners, I got impressed

  31. FAT*太い says

    I haven’t got that far and I’m not sure if you covered this you’ve covered this on one before but you should have put the guy who got fired and his friend betrayed him so he killed himself and hitman three

  32. shrkjiras says

    I legit cried on the last one it made me remember the fun i had with my cat abu

  33. Paul Seifert says

    I am sorry about the dog

  34. Shrigma male says

    “Why did she do that??”
    fucking runs into the ocean

  35. Penny Tuviera says

    This explains why he sounds deppresed

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