THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 "Daisy" Trailer (2019) Animation Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 “Daisy” Trailer (2019) Animation Movie HD
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  1. Dee Dee says

    I LOVE Daisy! She's an amazing lil' spit-fire Shih Tzu with a heart of gold, wonderfully voiced by Tiffany Haddish. Hope that she & Gidget get to go on their own adventure in the next movie.

  2. Marquesha Walker says

    I swear Daisy acts just like Tiffany Haddish

  3. ellie says

    Pets with voices that are of grown arse people annoy the hell out of me. Like that two week old puppy does not sound like a 59 year old man

  4. Natalie Weber says

    0:35 you dont listen do you its daisy

  5. George Crepps says

    A good movie is made by the writ- HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE HAIR! ITS SO REAL!

  6. Wonder Z says

    Can't wait for the movie. Watched 1st part twice using boxxy software, brought lots of laughter.

  7. Sanja Stjepić says

    I have a shihtzu and her name is emma

  8. Lil Boltie says

    Awww I love her so much she's my favourite now better than gidget ???

  9. Koral Davis says

    That "Mmm mm mmm" gets me. Hope she doesn't get the hots for him like Pops with Chloe.

  10. chriskeen84 says

    It’s Roger Rabbit’s son, lol ?

  11. Yamilcrak 131 says

    Me en canta

  12. Kids Games says

    Very nice video

  13. Brian Hull says

    Just realizing now how much more I would have liked the first movie if it were about Snowball who was just a delusional bunny who thought he was a superhero…

  14. T-series 1000 million says

    Hit like video frinds ?????????????????

  15. Rakib is bd says

    5th and we are there pets now

  16. Aakash Giri says

    Damn i like the movie trailer

  17. Ayham playz says

    Wait I'm the unicorn nooooo

  18. Ayham playz says

    1st like fat bear
    2nd like rabbit
    3rd unicorn
    4th pineapple
    5th girath
    6th super hero
    7th ghost
    8th famous man/lady
    9 ninga
    10th alien

  19. Prayag Valvi says

    Best movie hay yaar

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