The Silent Sea | Official Trailer | Netflix

A deadly mission will uncover the darkest secrets of the moon

With a 10% survival rate, will the crew survive?

Let the mystery behind the abandoned lunar base unfold

Winter 2021, an intense sci-fi mystery thriller

The Silent Sea | December 24, only on Netflix

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The Silent Sea | Official Trailer | Netflix

During a perilous 24-hour mission on the moon, space explorers try to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility steeped in classified secrets.


  1. Alex Saidur says

    seasion two plz sir

  2. GigaChad •6 years ago says

    Before watching the series i though it would suck but when I watched it all its soo good😭🔥

  3. Qazi Rasel says

    Korean series never disappoint

  4. Arlo Pignotti says

    Halfway into episode 2, now HAVE to watch the rest to find out why Koreans are terrified of drawings of hairy potatoes.

  5. Sarkaari Channel... says

    Finally watched it….
    Bhaai zeher……. 🔥.

  6. Kaye Asug says

    Sun's face is always strikingly beautiful. Love her!

  7. Kevin T says

    To be honest, the show did not live up to the trailer. There were several holes, unexplainable/rushed actions and phenomena, and there was not good use of foreshadowing. The action was really flat and linear and the story was not carefully crafted. It felt like they had made each episode one at a time

  8. ⁣༒ Rolex Sir🦂༒ says

    Only 150k likes ?

  9. Maribel Pido says

    I just finish watching and it was 10/10 for me one of the best series i watched.

  10. mshary AI-Otaibi says

    I have problems koreas drama use the same actors all the time i see over 10 tv shows it’s the same actors that’s boring

  11. HyubaLove says

    Ok. So this Luna girl have a DNA that contains an immunity to the lunar water. Not only that, the lunar water can heal her. Also, she have supernatural powers. My question is, is her supernatural abilities the result of her genetically enhanced DNA like the scientist intended to genetically enhanced her DNA so that she can be immune to the lunar water but because of that, she also developed supernatural abilities, kinda like a side effect. Or is it the works of the Luna water? Like not only it can heal her but also gave her supernatural abilities? If it's because of her DNA then if she infect others or pass it down to other, then not only should they be immune but they should also be healed by the lunar water as well, right?

    Idk but whatever this is, this lunar water, if humanity can be immune to it, it can literally be a miracle to the world. Because it heals you and I assume it can also change your DNA to have some supernatural abilities.

  12. Par'chin says

    Don't get fooled by comments guys. Those are the people who watch shows because they are fans of some celebrity. Waste of budget with a cheap script. There are bad people, who sacrifice some other people when saying this is for the greater good. There are good people who care for everyone and try to save everyone. But of course, bad people are powerful and good people are works hard to do the 'right thing'. Of course, they love to sacrifice themselves for others, because apparently, it's easy and satisfactory to die for others rather than using their few brain cells. And to make all these 'interesting', they decide to do this on the moon and with the water. lmao.
    Why am I so moved? Because this made me waste my time and I hope others won't make the same mistake as me.

  13. MisterT says

    Might be a spoiler so… yea

    Is it just me? Or this story is lowkey like Among Us. They have a mission to accomplish, but there are impostors(spies).

  14. Roksana Zofia Małek says

    I just finished Hellbound last week, currently on episode 5 of The Silent Sea and I am positively glued to the screen. Visuals, storyline, sound, acting, this is just a masterpiece. I am overwhelmed by the quality of Korean productions, always creative, captivating and with a resounding message about serious social issues. Respect !

  15. ThePierre58 says

    Makes me want to understand Korean language.

  16. 도구로 Crypto says

    this literally made this mid aged man to be scared with same vibe i felt when i watched movie alien in 90s.

  17. Allijah Gonzales Gaming says

    I can't find the episode 1 i want to watch this i think this movie is good

  18. Tìm Chồng says

    This is a ripoff of doctor who

  19. Mason McConnell says

    do they have it dub in American or only in Korean either way i guess ill watch this

  20. Edvin John says

    They completely knocked it out of the park. Way better than most Hollywood horror/suspense space movies out there. Hope they make a Season 2!

  21. THV says


  22. It's Rr says

    Watching trailer after watching whole series !….. to read the comments.

  23. kelly says

    this, kingdom, arthdal chronicles, bulgasal immortal souls and squid game are top teir!! k-dramas are just the best.

  24. Prince says

    LMAO I just finished watching sense8 and sun's actor is on here. Def gunna have to watch it now

  25. Yash🍁 says

    Waiting for s 2

  26. H says


  27. YannickLB says

    Sonmi-451 hasn't aged at all!

  28. ila says

    Not only is hollywood dieing but the movies too!!

    Big up to the Asians!!

  29. Ronin-Tech says

    This Tv Show has some similarities with a Japanese PS2 Horror Game called Echo Night: Beyond.

  30. Louie Bade Vlogs says

    Can't help not to think space shuttle to Busan 😁

  31. Lina Dib says

    I haven't watched it yet but I'm sure it's great just because Gong you acting there ❤️

  32. Eme Jota says

    Very good series, I hope there will be a second season. We must support South Korean movies and series a lot. Gong yoo fantastic.

  33. Trenxx says

    I just see squid game people in space.

  34. Dominic Vollath says

    How are Koreans this good at making sci-fi series?

  35. Yeri says


  36. X Y says

    The most underrated Korean sci-fi show ever

  37. punch says

    I thought the "the moon" movie would play by d.o and kyung gu but it seems like it will not be air because they already have this…..

  38. justazy says

    I guess another underrated series again? Bruh it's so good, just finished it earlier for I think a whole good 10hrs.

  39. Ashini Nimasha says


  40. Stephine Atieno says

    Maybe Netflix should flood their platform with more Korean series, they are good

  41. Rhea Rose Bon says

    The walk in moon is so damn cringey

  42. Gemini Woods says

    Really enjoyed this. When did Korean film making get so great? I started with Train to Busan and I've been hooked ever since. Though, I will say this wasn't without it's flaws, leans pretty hard into "everyone is kinda stupid" territory. Still… really enjoyable.

  43. Dominic Leba Covers says

    O.m.g I am SOOOOoOOooo excited to watch this omg k-dramas are my favorite I finished squid game ,amazing,almost done with all of us are dead,even more amazing and now the silent sea!!!!omG

  44. y c says

    Sea of Korea 🖖🇰🇷🎎 !!!!

  45. Walter das Trevas says

    Second season!PLEASE!

  46. Helena Hergenröther says

    Did anyone notice the earth is blue and green in this movie about the earth being dehydrated -_-

  47. Fatter Cat says

    I know it's a series but my brain keeps yelling at me that it's a movie. Damn, the budget is high with this one.

  48. Miraroad ka mirzapur says

    Waiting for next Chapter

  49. Kc says

    Sea of Korea 🇰🇷🙋🏻‍♂️

  50. ZincFold says

    Refreshing. Great story telling without the woke B.S

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