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Inspired by a true story, The Staircase explores the life of Michael Peterson (Colin Firth), his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson (Toni Collette). The eight-episode Max Original limited series, created by Antonio Campos, debuts Thursday, May 5 on HBO Max.

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  1. HBO Max says

    Check out what else is new on HBO Max here:

  2. wans says

    Pliz anyone. Who sang the song without you without you in episode 2

  3. johny utah says

    Poor Kathleen never got justice.

  4. Jayant Malik says


  5. Nartarlyia Tremaynne says

    I loved this series.
    The universe was showing off when Mr. Colin Firth was made.
    Beyond brilliant.

  6. VocalGainz says

    All the people in this show are liberal….no wonder they are all miserable….

  7. MK says


    So did he do it or not????
    In the end he just gives both expressions!!!
    Its as if when we are screaming to him asking whether he did it or not, he just smiles and then in the next second shows remorse!!!!

  8. Raf says

    Parker Posey, I just watch the document about that after HBO series and I must say I thought that is her in real trial, my God what kind of similarity we have here

  9. Casey Patton says

    Where can I watch this in the uk

  10. Moh El Hadi says

    I just watched the full docuseries on netflix and they pretty much nailed it with this casting , it looks incredible , I always believed he was innocent, don't know what others think , but I rooted for him ❤️

  11. 5 Bags of Popcorn says

    Almost 10 million views and only 7K likes / 570 Comments……that makes no sense

  12. amy clarke says

    looked good

  13. deathsdoor07 says

    Whoever made the first pre trailer, eff you.

  14. Marina Boban says

    Colin F. and Toni C. 👍

  15. I Waisman says

    This series deserved an Emmy nomination in the Best limited series category… only Firth and Colette got one in their respective categories.

  16. David Farnell says

    It's insane coincident have two wives dying exactly the same way with the same number of lacerations to the head whilst living a double life and even talks about the pleasure of murder. Hmmm

  17. Sam DeRenzis says

    What the heck is this?

  18. Cg Gc says

    The film makers were not given permission from the family to tell the story. It has retraumatized the family and they are really upset that it was made. Please stop watching it because it shouldn't have ever been made without the permission of the family.

  19. I LOVE CHARLIE says

    A nossa escada é a única que as lampadas sempre está apagada.

  20. mohammed ahmed says

    It is brilliant casting. But Ngl I can see Brian Cranston as Mike Peterson. Great acting by Colin Regardless…

  21. TRUTHbomb 2.0 says

    "The Petersons are crazy" yep!

  22. Joe Arroyo says

    Anything with Toni Collette name on it, already a fan!

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