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[E3 2019] The Surge 2 smashes towards release with an incredible new E3 cinematic trailer

The Surge 2 will continue Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s excellent Action-RPG series on Xbox One. In a brand new, gorgeous cinematic trailer featuring The Day Is My Enemy by The Prodigy, get a glimpse of all the new features, stories, and enemies coming in this violent sci-fi sequel.

Inside the high walls of Jericho city, trapped in a technological apocalypse that threatens to consume everyone within, our hero fights to survive and uncover the truth of the disaster. Cult members hopped up on drugs, nanomachines, looters, and security forces will try to stop you wherever you go while a mysterious girl leads you to parts unknown.

This plays out on a backdrop of a world on the brink of simultaneous total collapse and technological ascendency. Self-evolving nanobeasts crush buildings with swipes of their massive claws while the downtrodden, infatuated with machines through malfunctioning implants and rising religion, roam the streets in packs. The rich and wealthy exist above it all, while hunters try to capture their valuable nano-prey and what remains of the military maintains a flimsy order.

This is the world of The Surge 2. Are you ready?

The Surge 2 releases September 24 on Xbox One. Check out the new cinematic trailer now. Pre-orders are available now, including the Limited Edition – check the store page for more details.


  1. Christopher Taylor says

    Nice choice with The Prodigy music (R.I.P. Keith Flint)!

  2. LordSauron 22 says

    The song (begining) sounds like Celldwellers gunstep

  3. Oo Thuta says

    the first surge was ultra underrated.

  4. Anyone know the song? It’s beginning isn’t that great, but you gotta get down when the trailers climax hit at the end.

  5. Vincent Bernard says

    Song ?

  6. Nickhead Jones says

    Songs name???? Pls

  7. Christopher Dempsey says

    I haven't played the first game yet. Should I get it?

  8. matt white says

    I can't for the life of me comprehend how something so awesome isn't garnering more hype so far. I think people are just numb to slick CG. In any case, I have full confidence in this game. Loved the first.

  9. Niquix Penafiel says

    Name of the song?

  10. TheTocata says

    Hell yea! First one was great!

  11. CocoChris13 says

    Day One on X

  12. Mr Jazz says

    I like the watch dogs 2 music

  13. Kevin says

    God watches as we've destroyed his creation.

  14. Zoe Lee says

    I can wait to play this!

  15. Zombie 9899 says

    I’d love to see some coop and invasion like dark souls just more like The Surge

  16. TenCoNesnasiGoogl says

    I'm interested. First game was the only game of the type I liked to play ( I don't like the "B-metal-band-booklet" type of look of any Souls game ).

  17. Thunder Take You says

    Im hyped for DYING LIGHT 2

  18. RootUser says

    Хуита банальная..

  19. Filthy Fucktard says


  20. Rodolfo Caicedo says

    Why this game only have 729 likes? The Surge its an autentic jewel! I really love this game!

  21. JrRosales100 says

    IW DLC

  22. Fake Account says

    As much as I love the first Surge game…….. wasn't feeling this cinematic trailer.

  23. Rastek says

    Eliphas, open the portal!

  24. Athrun Zala says

    I just played The Surge last month when it got released on Gamepass and I really liked it, I'm excited for this one now.

  25. 2 Nuts 1 Sack says

    I just hope it has something to do with the first

  26. kev the man says

    Infinite warfare flashbacks

  27. Ahrun says

    Music name?

  28. Z.HUNTER 38 says

    This looks hot.

  29. SLURM 187 says

    The first game was so underrated. Can’t wait to play this sequel.

  30. Nide says

    The little kid looks like the villain twins from Far Cry: New Dawn.

  31. Dominic Kirkwood says

    I love it Xbox nice

  32. Andre Esters says

    I'm down.

  33. Aurum TheBrave says

    Gameplay would be nice.

  34. Adrian Morales says

    Hopefully, it will be added to the Game Pass, just like the first one.

  35. Orion Lockheed says

    Nice CGI TrixBox

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