The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Official Unrated Cut Gameplay Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

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Watch as people run for their lives in this terrifying, bloody, and brutal uncut gameplay trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre launches in 2023 to Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, and will be launching into Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

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  1. Your Uncle says

    I'd like it if you can pick if you want to be killer or survivor.

    But if you pick killer but you dont get to pick which.

  2. PJ says


  3. puppetcombofan2021 says

    No switch version? That's too bad.

  4. cjrun24 says

    Yes more asymmetrical horror games!😍 I would love a Freddy or Michael Myers game

  5. Envy says

    wait this trailer came out 3 months ago?

  6. AWildNico • 8 years ago says

    Dbd got a new update 💀

  7. Mistress Mary says

    time to put on the little short shorts and be a victim again

  8. Easternborder says

    How does the real killer based on the true events react on this game?

  9. Nick Clay says

    Is this gonna be like dead by daylight?

  10. Ainatz gr says

    Lol the last girl looks like meg from dbd💀

  11. sheena says

    The attention to detail is 👌

  12. CR85Honda692 says

    They should put different maps of the farmhouses throughout the movies and put differen variations of leather face throughout the moviea

  13. StuMacher’78 says

    This is online multiplayer right?

  14. Young Dingle says

    Gun is gonna have ever sent in my wallet when it come to even pre order

  15. Pewee Charles says

    Imagine u can play as the veggie grandpa 👴🏻

  16. Paul the Majin says

    I’m hoping this is gonna be another killers Vs survivors

  17. Crimson Court says

    0:35 Bubba be camping with insidious even in this game

  18. Jay Carol says

    Hope there will be a mode with the remake family , too.

  19. James says

    Figures this come out after I’m grown and just had a kid. Haha . Wish they had this back in early 2010s

  20. Eleanor Mccloud says

    Yeee man big up NOTTS

  21. Charlie Hale says

    Not wasting money on this

  22. Astralmess says

    okay, but where was the gameplay? what's the game? is it going to be a dead by daylight mod?

  23. moody stew says

    Very creepy

  24. Brandon Roman says

    Hoping it’a an actual game and not like dead a big daylight

  25. Josh says

    No wonder people are so mentally sick these days…

  26. GT Gaming says

    Is the next game Halloween?

  27. DaReal_Goatt Deluxe says

    Next they should make a nightmare on elm street game or a Michael Myers game.

  28. Eli Panahon says

    still lacks violence. more gore! something that will makes your skin crawl like Manhunt

  29. Bashir says

    Wow, no one has a problem with the violence and insanity of this game. No wonder society is becoming so callous and evil

  30. Phil Official says

    A Game bases on true events. The movie claimed that as well.
    Despite the very first thing the trailer tells us being a lie, it does look promising.

  31. Smaller On The Outside says

    another asymmetrical DBD clone, eh? no thanks. Friday the 13th and Evil Dead were bad enough.

  32. matthewtron86 says

    Looks very fun I'm happy the stress finding/buying a ps5 just for this game is gone.

  33. Oliver Taberner says

    so its a remake of the failed jason game

  34. armani millet says

    Can’t wait 🔥🔥

  35. Bricky Robby says

    PS3 graphics

  36. ivan pagan says

    Gun media involved equals bad news & most likely an unfinished game with empty promises, just like they ruined Friday the 13th

  37. TGS says

    this….looks….terrible lol

  38. Heart2016 Sim says


  39. Rapid Rabbit says

    This didn't make any sense.

  40. Queen Cinn says

    Do they actually own the rights to the series or is this gonna be a gun media ft13th rerun?

  41. Sicksy06 says

    Bubba tunnel me pleaseeee, camp me pleaase

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