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One of the most mysterious, unanswered questions in the Pokemon games is “Who is the Ghost Girl”? Throughout some of the games you come across ghost girls who disappear with no explanation. Super creepy when you are just a kid trying to play a game about cute little pocket monsters being forced into unending battles for your entertainment. Anyways, for as much as these ghosts have popped up throughout the game’s history, there is little known about the lore. So today, Loyal Theorists, I am about to uncover the mystery of Pokemon’s Ghost Girl!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Torn Losament says

    Damn…Pokemon goes so deep if you open your eyes 👁‍🗨

  2. Kim Bazzell says

    You probably don't know this but you know that Hypno Hypno can hypnotize a human well and then sends a person in the game or the thing that's possible but I don't think Pokemon attack humans on purpose but it was Hypno it was the Hypno that didn't because Hypno could hypnotize the dark Pokemon so Hypno actually did this

  3. Celtic Melody says

    2023 and still waiting for another Pokemon ghost girl video lmao😂😂

  4. MexicanCat says

    Oh Yea i was bleding when i heard the SONG too

  5. MexicanCat says

    The SONG!!!!!

  6. MexicanCat says


  7. MexicanCat says

    Pls make a lavander Town theory

  8. ItsDixit says

    One thing I do wish to correct is that this ghost girl from Black and White is not the first instance of a ghost girl in the pokemon games. He covered Gen 4 diamond and pearl a little bit which also had a ghost girl, the Old Chateau in Eternal forest if you go into a certain room at night you'll see the spirit of a ghost girl appear and float through the wall. You see her a couple more times I believe (it's been a while) throughout the night but that's bout it. She doesn't have a story like this girl. At least one that I can find and I don't know if there were instances of other ghost girls in gens 1-3 before this either. Small detail that doesn't really matter I just wanted to clarify (also to really nitpick for no reason he calls the ability that Drowzee and Hypno have called Forewarn a move that they use rather than an ability.)

  9. Maisy says

    I disagree with the theory that abra was defending the girl because would dark dark give nightmares to the abra instead

  10. Kenzo Hauck says

    😨 I’m outta of things to said but I’m SPEECHLESS

  11. Demlog says

    Move dark void is only 50% accurate so yes darkray probably hit her in accident.

  12. neko nightmare * girl * says

    This reminds me of the scary house in Pokemon Y.

  13. Hanz Aure says

    the real question is: is she 10 yrs old? if she was she was probably trying to catch darkrai ON THE MARVELOUS BRIDGE that's why she hangs out there

  14. Violet Sanchez says

    Maybe she didn’t know and she thought it was A Nice Pokémon and her mom and Dad Didn’t know to

  15. Mel's Gaming Sessions says

    R.I.P ghost girl 😢😢😢

  16. Ty Falcon says

    oh, the days when matpat put out only two videos a week 😂😂😂 and you had to LOOK for them

  17. Linked4evr says

    i love how he used a type plate for a “book” 😂

  18. Xd doge ! says

    Bro, her parents just should have just use an awakening

  19. Jared Troy says

    When bendy and dark revival releases and ghost girl is found

  20. Alecxza Clarus says


  21. Alecxza Clarus says

    stag here with me

  22. Gee Bee says


  23. HairyHairbrush says


  24. DC21isback says

    Me : Mom, just one more video and I'll sleep
    The video :

  25. Dual Amalgachine Guns says

    "It's just scratching the surface" is matpat's favorite phrase

  26. High Peach says

    Naturally Darkrai, a legendary Pokemon who is capable of destroying the mst powerful foes, fears defenceless children the most

  27. zac ynigo cordova says

    What if there was a hint in the secret game that used to be there in japanese pokemon green??

  28. SnowKit266Twice 🦅♌️ says

    Matpat keeps making me cry over pokemon damn

  29. Maybe the ghost girl ran into a enraged darkrie maybe

  30. FlowState Pump says

    Wasn’t she at the psychic gym in the first Pokémon show like his 3rd badge that they needed a ghost Pokémon for

  31. D3adVIL of the East says

    Why was the girl calling for Abba, how does Abba fit in all of this?

  32. Yinghoua Lee says

    What about the Abra

  33. Shae Hansen says

    I think darkrai tried to keep her safe from them😢. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

  34. AustinTubeYT says

    Maybe the girl was a trainer and encountered darkrai and tried to catch it but failed and got the nightmares in the wild but her father found her and took her home. She had a drowsy and they had it eat it but failed. It later evolved and it got forewarn and failed again and now she has an eternal slumber and later her parents ended it all because they missed her.

  35. Farrell Adrian says

    I think this is the only game theory episode that doesn't have a single letter on the thumbnail

  36. John West says

    Gave theory but hit no control's map pad

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