The Video Game Endings That Disappointed Us

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Sometimes you play through a 30-hour game only to discover its ending is a wet fart. Here are the video game endings that crushed our spirits.

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  1. zubin chadha says

    Prince of Persia 2008 was a great game, but I was disappointed by it's ending

  2. dazzaburger says

    I think Mass Effect 3 is the holy grail of bad endings

  3. Kenneth Fegley says

    I actually thought Prince of Persia 08 ending worked. Still annoyed what they did with the DLC for an already short game though

  4. Deon Spates says

    NMS LOL!

  5. Merciful Bear says

    what about dark souls 1?

  6. Roger Dalton says

    Prince of Persia was great and has a great ending.

  7. magneticpunch says

    I wish prince of persia would make a come-back, it was such a great game, safe for that dissapointing ending…

  8. David Sprague [DragonMan64] says

    I was scared that they were going to say that the ending to Luigi’s Mansion or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was disappointing from the thumbnail (Dark Moon’s ending is nearly perfect in every way in my opinion! Again, nearly perfect)!

  9. Jesse Higgins says

    I worked so hard to clock Prince of Persia just to end up right where I started

  10. Solid Snake says

    4:20,those are secret endings put in for speedruns

  11. MatiZ815 says

    You do realize that the story and the ending of Prince of Persia is the same as The Last of Us?

  12. Onion OVA says

    1: fortnite
    Because it seems like it’ll never end

  13. Jose Reyes says

    I really dig that intro music!

  14. D says

    Did that guy just not know you could uh… NOT be complacent in Far Cry 4?

  15. Novem's Natural Roll says

    Prince of Persia 2008 didn't have a disappointing ending, that ending was awesome… it just really demanded a sequel that it's unfortunately never going to get.

  16. V4l3r1 says

    Dying light, a lot of quest like go from point A to B and finally to die… wtf? Waste of time…

  17. Mike Watkinson says

    Mass effect 3 not on the list?

  18. wizyful12 says

    “Why Kojima?” Inform yourself. It was Konami’s fault for locking Kojima down and releasing his unfinished game after stripping him of his options and credit.

  19. Erick Rivas says

    Fable 2 ending, one bullet and the bad guy died just like that. Was expecting a almost dragon like fight battle just like Fable:TLC.

  20. AllBlackAura says

    I’m not done being disappointed with mass effect 3.

  21. blue orchid 6 says


  22. Danijs Pakuls says

    Mass Effect 3 ? Hello ?

  23. Affluent Ezra says

    Lol Far Cry Easter egg… No Man's Sky

  24. Ichsuka says

    No shadow of the colossus?!

  25. Benedek Nagy says

    Batman arkham asylum was not out of character…
    But making this video without mentioning mass effect 3?

  26. El Gordo says

    I can't think of any disappointing ends to games that I have personally played. Like I know there are but I can't remember.

    Even with Borderlands, I see that it's disappointing but I don't think I felt that at the time.

  27. Monica Navarrete says


  28. Sebastián de la Parra says

    I'm I the only one who was pissed when Zelda BOTW ended in a shoot the pig game from the pier fair?

  29. Julian P says

    Mass effect 3, though the problem isn’t necessarily it’s ending…or even the ‘patched ending’. It’s the fact that the ending shines light onto the fact that all your choices in ME 1/2/3 didn’t matter, it’s all the same in the end which lifts the illusion that Mass Effect games were about choice.

  30. bowmansparks says

    The biggest dissappointment in this video is that "no music" tattoo

  31. Russ Mawson says

    Funny as toothache

  32. Touching Evil says

    Best videogame ending is Enslaved.

  33. Max Gerhardt says

    Why Konami, not Kojima

  34. Karl Long says

    Kinda agree but lets face it endings are always hard 😂

  35. Jorge Rdgz says

    No mans sky lmfaooo😂😂😂

  36. Clommitte says

    HALO 2?!

    More like halo 5

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