Throwback 150+ Pocket Video Game Console Review

  1. Eethenn says

    I just bought one today

  2. Really cute console. I like it.

  3. The Raccoonasaur says

    It’s worth it because there’s a Mario bros clone Called bear vs bald

  4. triobros 9824 says

    It looks like the Nintendo game and watch

  5. JBdoingstuff says

    Oh man. Avgn needs to see this. Its a handheld shit hurricane

  6. Skinnerville says

    Where did you get that?

  7. GR8GUYISHERE says

    I just found it at a store and it's 40 dollars

  8. average milk enjoyer says

    Its actually cool

  9. Klaus Sperger says

    This console is sold in 2 other designs.Red co!our and an upright version.
    Sold by ORB and also by THUMBS UP.
    the 150 original games are available in other machines mainly in Chinese imports.
    The screen is a little small at 1.8" and the sound is too quiet and funny for me. However you could get the same games in a bigger screen with better sound from a Chinese import..
    The games are great but a little simp!istic.Ideal for a child's fist console.
    The most unique thing is that this is the smallest mini console made in the world(although fizz make one that could beat it).
    I am not talking about micro consoles like the magnificent pocketsprite which is fantastic.The great and famous RS1is almost as small although a truly fabulous famiclone with 2.5" screen and better sound and proper New games.
    but the prize for smallest goes to the above.

  10. Adam Henry says

    I love how they gave it an Atari 2600 look while most look like Game & Watches.

  11. Big_B_Radical says

    Overpriced. Recognized a good bit of the music from other games. Always wonder what these devices could do if they weren't running through 5 layers of libraries and emulation and were communicating with the screen in an efficient manner.

  12. Subscriber says

    Oh! I just received of these too!

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