Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Games of 2020 | PC,PS4,XBOX ONE (4K 60FPS)

ps4 games trailers

Today in this video I will show you only the TOP 10 new upcoming games of 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch – and you can watch it in UHD 4K and 60FPS!


TOP 10 NEW Massive OPEN WORLD Upcoming Games of 2019:

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00:00 – The Avengers Project

00:51 – Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

02:33 – Dual Universe

04:24 – Starfield

05:20 – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

06:56 – Beyond Good & Evil 2

09:02 – System Shock Remastered

10:14 – Bayonetta 3

11:00 – Witchfire

12:14 – System Shock 3


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  1. Brody Eason says

    We’re halo infinite?

  2. Harshit Singh says

    Cyberpunk2077: Hmmm…

  3. Sprky Games says
  4. bryan V says

    Gta 6 is here??

  5. sogs bilby says

    Bruh what’s with the urangutans and the ‘true’ story

  6. Evan Hans Pua says

    I’ll be playing the games that mostly involve action,superheroes,monsters,and animals

    And sci fi can’t forget sci fi games

  7. - Sonic - says

    Playstation exclusives are the best

  8. Pradatoru says

    Acestors is the only one that caught my attention

  9. Victor Cortez says


  10. Nathaniel Lopez says

    Repent for the kingdom of Yahwehs only begotten son Yahshua is at hand…

  11. Hu Ssss says

    To burn the United eru

  12. Twitch Pingo says

    hey btw peanut

  13. Marius McMoney says

    I wonder what the year 1111 would be like

  14. Chris Young says

    not 1 game to look forward to! TRASH!!!

  15. KingNate says

    Doom eternal?

  16. Mike Margraff says

    .You need PS5 why?!.

  17. Rune Vinther Christensen says

    70 procent of the games in this video looks like trash

  18. 8:248:31 BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2: *Female Protagonist Suits Up Instantaneously And Lands On Enemy Spaceship*

    Me: Is This HONKAI IMPACT 3? No Wait…, You Aren't Even Qualified To Get To Compare To A Game As Good As HONKAI IMPACT 3.

  19. Kim Jong-un says

    Gta 6??

  20. luka franic says

    You forgot Destiny 3

  21. ellow maboiii says

    The ancestors game is very stupid, the developer has loads of other interesting ideas to think about instead makes a game for you to play a monkey with the objective to none other than only to survive

  22. THE JOKER says

    I'm so excited for Bayonata 3?

  23. Big Nig says

    It’s a shame the avengers project is just gonna be another dcuo

  24. Blacktose Intolerant says

    All looks like shit

  25. Shaggy says

    Ancestors doesn’t look that great…

  26. DaEarth says


  27. SaintMX says

    Im waiting for the next assassins creed

  28. the musketeer says

    Dying light 2?

  29. DemoWorldPlayer DWP says

    Anyone else think Dual Universe sounded a bit like Teen Wolf theme?

  30. Lucifer Roseval says

    I'm deeply disappointed that u didn't put Cyberpunk 2077 in this vid like wtf?!

  31. Boe Dillard says

    I was hoping to see something with graphics and gameplay so amazing it would make me want to upgrade my video card.

  32. Tuxx jose says

    90% percent of these games are most likely going to have trash graphics

  33. Joshua Ultra Instinct says

    Oh the Avenger one is gonna be awesome

  34. impullse01 says

    Omg! DUal universe game of 2020 with graphic looking like in 2002

  35. Risky Nights says

    Retitle to first person shooters only

  36. SuperHamSniper says

    i mean the avengers are tecnicaly dangerus they can hurt people they just dont

  37. dilian iossifov says

    only crap

  38. Ten Mr. says

    No more Anthem

  39. OctopusIsALoser !!! says

    these all look like shit

  40. Uraraka Ochako says

    2:11 Argentavis?

  41. FB I says

    When the video Game is more beautifull than the reality …..this is sad and cool because the player can imagine is own universe but when he stop playing his life is just ……..not fun and boring so he continue playing and etc………i never feel this sensation but one of my friend tell me that after 1 week of intense playing he even not came out of his house and his mother call me because she think he has a problem but no just playing. Vidéo game isn’t a bad thing this is good and i dont now how the world will be if some of legendary game like skyrim or gta dont exist.

  42. TheGore1021 says

    I'm just glad to see that the System Shock games are finally returning! Good old memories.

  43. Unkown C says

    Avatar 2 the game?

  44. lol lil says


  45. eddybonbony says

    Wow most of these are from my city, Montreal

  46. lanisko 9 says

    And ps5?

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