Top 10 Games for 2GB RAM | Most Optimized PC Games #2

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just wanted to know, what happens if my pc doesn’t meet the official min. requirements. All of these games tested on 2GB RAM (DDR3) i didn’t say that “2gb ram enough” or “these games for low end PCs” SUBSCRIBE for more content and turn on the notification bell

0:10 Far Cry 3
1:40 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
2:40 Grand Theft Auto V
3:33 Tomb Raider (2013)
4:35 Sniper Elite 3
5:37 Devil May Cry
6:35 DiRT 3
7:36 RICO
8:31 Life is Strange
9:30 Crysis 3
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Just because you’ve got an older pc doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gaming.

Simple tweaks that will impact your performances boost fps reduce lag stop stuttering fix spikes.

The history of video games goes as far back as the early 1950s

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  1. Gameplay icu says

    Here are all the free games you can grab right now

  2. FLEX says

    Far Cry 3😂 lol

  3. Nobody Sad says

    far cry 3 is crashing after making desicion in game mode(adventure, survivor)

  4. Mikoy The Gamer says

    Far cry 3 lags on my 4gb ram pc even with lower graphic settings

  5. RAICHU 04 says

    the witcher 3 needs 6 gb ram

  6. NoiceMW says

    gta 5?
    you want my pc to blow up?

  7. SNEHAL gaming says

    I have 6GB ram it lags a little bit

  8. SNEHAL gaming says

    You cant run gta 5 in 2GB ram and the funny part is gameplay icu have good graphics card

  9. Amir M says

    Witcher 3 is for 2gb ram?!!!!!

  10. Not functional says

    2:45 you said 2gbram but it requirement is 4gbram . Fake video

  11. Kleber says

    Fake af bro…

  12. Keshav Patidar says

    gta 4 lag in my pc in 4gb ram pc i3 processor and you suggest gta 5

  13. Cikal Putra Rayhan says

    What's the better amd phenom or Ryzen

  14. Madhuri Pawar says

    Which games can run on my pc? (Intel hd 400,4gb ram, Intel celeron.)

  15. Madad Iqbal says

    Love from pakistan bro

  16. Madad Iqbal says

    Number 1 gaming channel

  17. Rangga the bin says

    gta v need quadcore and 4gb ram

  18. wihhow says

    but not enough for my vram im just have 512 mb

  19. ARON GAMER says

    Bro i have 4 gb ram. Intel plaintium can gta 5 can run without lag

  20. Sikhar Sarma says

    This video is piece of shit

  21. RanZer says

    Wtf GTA V for 2gb ram

  22. MOTIVATION says

    Tomb Raider….ultra settings…..20 fps…..

  23. MOTIVATION says

    People freakfreaking out over GTA 5.
    Meanwhile I am thinking HOW CAN HE RUN WITCHER 3?

  24. reborn gamer says

    Wtf 5:37 dmc on high setting lol😂

  25. kaarel lepik says


  26. anuda idusara says

    gta 5 link

  27. Habibi Bunyamin says

    Not accurate

  28. Mxecma_ Cuna says

    bruh are u dumb stupid or dumb huh?
    u say 2gb ram games and some of games minimum system requirements is 6gb ram go study math

  29. Gaurav Govindam says

    Hey bro, i only have 2gb ram and Pentium g3250. plz recommend me some games

  30. Cercvadze Karlo says

    and creative destruction

  31. RW_GAMING says

    i want to install far cry 3 again😍😍

  32. Anime Lover says

    #gta 5 not working 2 gb ram

  33. Anh Hùng says

    How can i play GTA V when my lap cant even play dying light

  34. Craft Making says

    Hi bro iam from india your videos Are osam I know your effort to make a video anyways bro my pc is Intel Pentium 4 and without graphics card and ddr 2 1gb ram can I play games 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏

  35. LM Limon says

    Maybe he said 2gb ram gpu

  36. BayKemalistTR says


  37. JustWhiteFace's Dope Fortress says

    The thing is: No, you stupid b*tch, that's not how 2GBs ram works

  38. JustWhiteFace's Dope Fortress says

    The thing is: No you stupid bitch, that's not how 2GBs of ram works

  39. Nibir says

    Are you serious! Gta 5 in 2 gb ram 🐸

  40. Tʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ X says

    2:40 Grand Theft Auto V did'nt work

  41. florian says

    guys he has 3+ ghz so he can play anything on it basically

  42. Lazy says

    Whut gpu did you use btw?

  43. Enthony says

    I have 4 gb ram and I can't play far cry 2 it's lag so much he plays far cry 3 on 2 gb ram lol

  44. Tardy says

    wait a minute i have gta v but its gb ram

  45. Ska_ says

    I think most of you guys watching this video are using old laptops with DDR3 RAM, so you should be able to upgrade them fairly easily and without selling your vital organs.

  46. Wenzyl King says

    I think he is a wizard because he can play 'GTA V' on 2 gb ram pc. LOL

  47. Khalid Zidan says

    witcher 3 and GTA V are you sure about that??

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