Top 10 NEW Games of JUNE 2019

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The summer of gaming is ramping up with these new releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more. What will you be playing?
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#10. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – June 25, 2019 [Nintendo Switch] – June 18, 2019 [PS4, XBO, PC]
#9. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth [3DS] – June 4
#8. Octopath Traveler [PC] – June 7
#7. F1 2019 – [PS4, Xbox One, PC] – June 28, 2019
#6. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – [PS4, Xbox One, Switch] – June 21, 2019
#5. Samurai Shodown – [PS4, Xbox One] – June 27, 2019
#4. The Sinking City – [PS4, Xbox One, PC] – June 27, 2019
#3. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – [PS4, Xbox One, PC] – June 4
#2. Judgment – [PS4] – June 25, 2019
#1. Super Mario Maker 2 – [SWITCH] – June 28, 2019

Warhammer: Chaosbane (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – June 4
Trover Saves The Universe (PC) – June 4


  1. gameranx says

    Will you be picking up any of these games?

  2. Phone Shop says

    Whaaat a shiityy kiiidy gamess ….. TRIPLE FACEPALM

  3. Kade Osborne says

    WCB Your honorable mention is better than half the games on the list…

  4. Rami Al Ahmad says

    already pre-ordered the sinking city , thanks to the epic store slashing the price to an almost entry level indie game….other than that, i really want bloodstained and samurai showdown, but both are priced very high for what they are….and did u see the price of the limited edition of smaurai showdown ? ridiculous, i am sure both will be on sale for $20 in like 3 months tops…if not sooner…..would love to pick both up for around $50 and that would be nice….

  5. Viral People says

    Me after i saw june games : is this 2006?

  6. NOWRAX says


  7. al stroker says

    Zzzzzzzz (yawn) another month of trash ps2 graphic ps3 maybe july

  8. Isaia Paun says

    Sinking city and F1 2019, rest of the games sucks! that's it for june

  9. Chad Manigan says

    Octopath traveler is an overrated piece of garbage.,…. I can't be the only one with this opinion.

  10. Thank Zeus says

    Thank you !

  11. Jordan cac29 says

    Fuck me this is all boring except crash team racing and mario maker

  12. Rhov chronicles says

    Ironic. the 10th spot is the only game im waiting for this june.

  13. Level 9000 says

    Trover saves the universe need to be ported to the Switch.

  14. Uncle kidd says

    Moto gp 19 lets go

  15. DorianS1999 says

    Get your old font back please

  16. Najib Rahman says

    I wonder how Jake can genuinely look forward to sooo many games and know so many series while being so casual about them and not losing interest.

  17. Hollow Volocaloid says

    This year im waiting for nioh 2 and code vein

  18. Dustin Rowland says

    Why does your voice sound so different? We've been hoodwinked. I didnt hear a single "gey-um". You're a fraud and I want real Falcon back.

  19. manthium says

    wahay looks like I don't have to spend any money on games this month.

  20. انمار ُ، says

    We don't want fantasy games
    And horror and zombie
    And kids games ?? example crash
    Any one whit me?

  21. TayR0C says

    #6 is easily #1 for me. Best Kart Racer ever. Looks like they got the controls pretty pat down.

  22. 2 Trill Productions says

    Pretty shit month for games.

  23. iulix max says

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night hope to be good!!

  24. Jake Grafxtitan says

    Chaosbane FTW!!!

  25. behnam vahdati says

    so in short, pretty shitty games in june!

  26. Manticool says

    Noob games

  27. c rp85 says

    June is a horrible month for games

  28. Gurdulu says

    Couch multiplayer? I like 🙂

  29. Kyle Imough says

    oh falcon, you are the only reason this channel is worth watching

  30. comrade the space pimp says

    will pirate on the pc

  31. Taipan says

    so far 2019 has been shit when it comes to game…

  32. Devansh Gandhi says

    Description numbers are jumbled

  33. javar0202 joshua Schofield says

    The sinking ciry looks amazing I'm definitely gonna be getting that, got to show love to new survival horror type games cause we really don't get many of those anymore, but samurai showdown looks fun to

  34. Nicholas Nakamura says

    Anyone else hyped for my friend pedro?

  35. Bear Witty says

    The dragons are back because they believe Tamriel is "rightfully theirs".

    They literally said that in the trailer ..

  36. MediumChain says

    did you just fukn call the cat people Khajiiti? instead of Khajiit? REEEEE

  37. chris c says

    Too bad the multiplayer part of this multiplayer centric switch game is now paywalled.

  38. Tom Morgan says

    Hey, gameranx, if you have more than ten games to talk about in a month, you can just bump up the number on the list.

  39. Airborne GR says

    Stop with the stupid jrpgs and anime games

  40. UncleLucky says

    How did y'all leave out Slay the Spire coming to Switch June 6th???

  41. Onbekende Vreemdeling says

    10 most shitty games ever wtf

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