Top 10 NEW Games of May 2019

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Here are all of the games (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) releasing in May 2019 that might be worth your time.
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Blood & Truth
Platform: PS4
Release: May 28, 2019

Close to the Sun
Platform: PC
Release: May 2, 2019

Layers of Fear 2
Platform: PC
Release: May 28, 2019

Resident Evil + Resident Evil 4 + Resident Evil Zero
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release: May 21, 2019

A Plague Tale: Innocence
Platform: PC, PS4, XBO
Release: May 14, 2019

Team Sonic Racing
Platform: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Release: May 21, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Platform: PC
Release: May 23, 2019

Platform: PS4 PC
Release: May 21, 2019

Pathologic 2
Platform: PC
Release: May 23, 2019

Rage 2
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release: May 14, 2019


  1. Layer of fear 2, looked like the one i am for. loved the first on a big screen and 5:1 sound
    Rage 2 and Plague Tale are the ones here I'm most looking forward to.

  2. sisters club says

    Sonic? Really? This guy sucks if this is an anticipated game for him. Could have made it top 9 for may

  3. Secretz316 says

    List is missing The Outer Wilds, which just barely made it into May on the 30th…

  4. pniiice says

    blood and truth looks crazy fun. but no, I'm not spending on a new VR.

  5. L Jj says

    Why don’t you have fucking arms in #10

  6. Bobby Vincent says

    00:53 holy shit that looked like zooey deschanel

  7. Sean C says

    I honestly don't get the appeal with these ever increasing numbers of "survival by running away from everything" type survival games. If I wanted to feel completely helpless and have my only option be fleeing for my life and hoping not to get caught, I'd go to a feminist rally and ask the first chubby girl I find "when is your baby due?" and then say to the first of her offended friends "sorry, didn't realize you were a couple, mazel tov on the baby"

  8. Ravi Shankar says

    What is game names

  9. Mramor Mramorovich says

    I couldnt believe it i could be paid when im PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. But THIS fellows gave me 1-2 step guide! Just open GAMES. XCOURSE. XYZ

  10. Martin Verderosa Sanz says

    layers of fear 2 !!!!

  11. Dane Pitchford says

    Pleas stop saying gam

  12. Marq EvoX says

    Scary, scary, scary, sonic race karts, samurai romance strategy, scary, another shooter. Meh.

  13. theonedom Gaming says

    Rage 2 is not as bad as the first is playable but I was expecting lot more. Up to now this last 12 months have been pretty disappointing
    Some of them have improved little but some gone kind worse as they updated
    Who as developed the crafting system in division 2 that’s I like to know. So stupid time consuming pointless crap waste of money and time for the player and the developers
    This could have been one of the best game, but I give that 5.5 out 10
    I know is been out for few months but I think is one of the best games out now, that’s if you like shooting G.
    “ why can’t I jump in Division 2 for a start. Fix the Crouching stile a little don’t make feel like you stuck like glue on things.
    Guys sorry I got carried away, I’m sick buying games that haven’t been polished from day on

  14. Chris Bridston says

    You forgot TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE ??‍♂️?

  15. Noddiga norpan says

    yeah well rage 2 was a broken UGLY peice of total shit,…

  16. em.fotografik says

    Dude, your choices suck!

  17. w wyborn says

    resident evil 4 is the best game of all time , fight me

  18. Drawn & Quartered says


  19. fatmikey13 says

    I love the way he says game, "Gayem"
    Brings me joy

  20. Hotlook Man says

    Rage 2))
    Now in future everybody knows it’s bad game.

  21. The Moordenaar says

    I love that people dont know about Pathologic. One of the most deep games ever made, with a totally unique gameplay, full with rich and intriguing story, psychological debates and metaphores. Never being so exited for a sequel like this one!

  22. altruistic gamer says

    I've knowest when you leave a meaningful comment you get 0 likes with that said


  23. Gavin Walton says

    Hey guys my birthday is in three days and I'm looking for a single player game any suggestions

  24. Mc Milan says

    you really sound like justin bartha

  25. JBishop29 says

    How can they be top games when you haven't played them. When they haven't been released yet. Just say games and not top games. It tires me.

  26. selim ahmed says

    I am really happy that you have reached 5m subc. . Keep it up

  27. Chris Chow says

    Shook sonic owns a car

  28. maison brier says

    what about slipgate arena warfare ?

  29. iKnney says

    plague tale looks like the last of us game.

  30. StrawnGaming says


  31. Ronnyqt says


  32. Christian Corralo Lorenzo says

    Plague tale: innocence is my hyped game right now.

  33. hitthecouch says

    I just hope Rage 2 isn't rushed like the first one and lacks a final boss fight. Take me back to Subway Town.

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