Top 10 NEW Open World Games of 2019

  1. Julian Avis says

    No subnatica below zero?

  2. HighTech X LowLife says

    The Division 2 is amazing

  3. Mitch D says

    Spoilers from the future, Division 2 is Division 1 with a bit more Division. Not bad, not good, just…. Division.

  4. احمد الهاجري says

    The Division 2 ♥️

  5. D B says

    The division 2 was horrible it was ridiculously repeative and just plan boring. I chose to buy it over sekiro that was upsetting.

  6. Mr. Ski says

    I am still waiting for a Ultimate Online open world of skills, crafting, adventure, pvp and versatility. No games have come close except for Ark survival which is too time intensive….requires too much up keep as a solo player. Ultimate Online was a good balance.

  7. Lethal HOVA says

    Your voice makes me leave a like…

  8. Colt 4500 says

    Days gone is another failed game as well.

  9. Colt 4500 says

    The divison 2 is a joke hahahaha. Nothing like they said it was going to be and never want to fix bug or issues. They are making the same mistakes they made in the first one when they said they didn’t want to do that again.

  10. Rawkwilder says

    The first game has a Bladerunner gun…. I need it

  11. Me Tastic says

    Title is misleading. Try using a correct title.(UPCOMING GAMES) No one wants to scan through a video, and find that just about every game you talk about, doesn't even have a release date….

  12. Joku Äijä says

    Can we get a new open world game based on ”sword fighting times” like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

  13. rang Sanbila says

    2077 game I like it

  14. The Let's Player says

    Cyberpunk 2077

  15. Mattias Skröder says

    @11:08 this game looks like the game from 2012 called Sleeping Dogs

  16. BayouSef1 says

    We should. "care" about our world but care more about this? Good luck with that one. Those ahead of you in, "the real world", like my children, will be your overlord as you keep this up as some importance. I have never approved of socialism because I have felt left out. You all keep up with doing the important thing here… playing games. I'll be happy telling you how I want my house cleaned and my yard cut. Wash my underwear and car please…. NOW>! hahahaaahhahhahah

  17. Bas says

    what's the background song called? it's beautiful!

  18. Landen Brinkley says

    Im looking forward to days gone

  19. TEAM GROUND & POUND says

    What bout borderlands 3 lol

  20. Subhobrata Chakravorti says

    Gta 5 is best open world game

  21. Robert Slaughter says

    This is a post apocalyptic game set on a HUGE map. In fact this is the BIGGEST game this developer has ever made and it COULD be amazing IF they did it right. – Review of every single game.

  22. SweetGummy Flames says

    What game is the thumbnail???

  23. Andre Velazquez says

    I've been watching a lot of your vids thinking I already subed… Sorry I corrected that

  24. Phantasmal Gaming says

    lmfao,.. top 10 piece of shit open world games maybe lol…

  25. ramani juliet says

    GTA 6

  26. Nikhil Tendulkar says

    Ok I seriously need a new pc. If only I wouldn't have spent a fortune on alcohol and things related in the last six months. sad

  27. Tianyou Liu says




  29. Семка Хей says

    I couldnt believe it i could be paid when im PLAYING GAMES. But THIS site showed me step-by-step instruction! Just open GAMES. XCOURSE. XYZ (without spaces)

  30. Shumya Myers says

    Anthem " Completely seamless open worl…Now Loading "
    If I play no other game than Cyberpunk 2077 in 2019, I will be happy.

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