TOP 10 NEW Upcoming Games of 2019 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC)

new video game releases

Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Borderlands 3, Team Sonic Racing, GTFO, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, Total War Three Kingdoms

TOP 10 NEW Upcoming Games of 2019 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC)


The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailer (2019)

Top 10 NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2018 & Beyond | PS4, XBox One, PC


  1. Michal Sarna says

    Days gone ?

  2. MIKUKS says

    19:00 No Germany! No! No! No! Not this time! Everything stays as it is!

  3. Mr Freeman says

    How many new unknown games

  4. Slayer Runefrost says

    The fear for Jedi Fallen Order is real with EA at the helm.

  5. the great space goat says

    Looks at thumbnail to notice up coming starwars game

    Me: why is this soon to be p2w filled dumpster fire a top game.

    Sorry but seeing the EA logo on any game is an incentive to not buy it no matter how good it looks.

  6. mr smith says

    Borderlands animation is just God awful

  7. Josh p says

    I'm Done with EA and Bethesta 100%, we'll see about the rest. not impressed by any last few years tho.

  8. Peter Parker says

    There are three games in this video that I want, other than two that I already have. So, three more would be great in my collection.

  9. adidas Zoch says

    They ruined wofenstien with retarded sjw crap

  10. Pedda ZZ says

    wow this list is garbage

  11. fazidah saidi says
    Xbox live $59.99

  12. zimizi says

    gtfo looks like a nice left for dead 3
    The elder scrolls "online" elsweyer? i wish they would stop put work into that and focus on TES VI

  13. Barry Third says

    Am going for the world's coolest videogame ever!

  14. Romeo M says

    Hilarious…. we are getting more new systems then good games to buy. Something happened to the industry but most of the games out are garbage

  15. Ruddik Gaming says

    Why do you have to show the full trailer? Just show a clip of the game with the title at the bottom of the screen I'm not sitting through 24 minutes of trailers

  16. Sikander Ali says

    I still like mkxl more then mk11.. the graphics and fatalitys might be better but that's about it I think…

  17. Austin Randall says

    A ghalleger made it to Jedi status. Go gay Jesus!!

  18. First name Last name says

    I'm at a loss for games rn , anyone have any lowkey game that are actually good?

  19. Abigail Troutman says

    rage 2 funny funny???

  20. My favorite game from last year was detroit become human

  21. papa blair says

    Tom Holland in the Star Wars Fallen Order dope.

  22. Williecatcat The furry says

    How were dying light 2 and generation zero not on this list

  23. pizza killer says

    Finally some info on gtfo this game was dormant for so looooong.

  24. Solomon Scott says

    The majority of these games are pushed by satanic agendas and alot of people dont even realize it. I see this with my real eyes as others only see a video game. These games all have the same narrative and you can be mad all you want to but its the truth. Its save the world this, survive the apocalypse that and not to mention all the illuminati and masonic symbolism in all these games. I cant be the only one seeing this. Its all by design. Yall better wake up because something is on the horizon!

  25. Robb1n11 says

    the clickbait is strong in this channel. just reuploading old videos posting them as new…

  26. joker says

    Gtfo only

  27. tombro911 says

    GTFO looks dope the name is horrible though.

  28. Ben Bonhomme says

    I didn’t figure it was a Star Wars game until now look on his arm 2:06

  29. Bigdon says

    EA and Gameloft are killing single player games! Nowdays they need more money so they only making multiplayer online games without any story. But these upcoming games are the last hope for game lovers like me.

  30. Idiot says

    These all kinda suck

  31. Faker9 Lee says

    only wait total war three kingdom

  32. BassBoxxxer says
  33. Great Master Blaster says

    RIP wolfenstein. Straight sjw dumpster fire now.

  34. Sniffy Fuel says

    Respawn is gonna bring back hope for good games ?

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