TOP 10 NEW Upcoming Games of MAY 2019 (PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC)

Xbox games trailers

10 NEW Upcoming Games of MAY 2019 – New Games 2019 for PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch & PC

Games List:

00:00 Conan: Unconquered

01:01 A Plague Tale: Innocence

02:08 Rage 2

03:38 Team Sonic Racing

04:32 Draugen

05:46 Pathologic 2

06:56 Close to the Sun

08:03 Blood & Truth

09:17 Dollhouse

10:38 Trover Saves the Universe


11:59 Total War: Three Kingdoms

13:38 Life is Strange 2 – Episode 3

13:54 For the King



  1. Andrew Cortez says

    Everyone be ready for no releases till like September when it picks up again.

  2. Albert Moffet says

    first game shown is pc only. rest of the vid doesnt get watched

  3. Bradley Moyer says

    So mays gonna suck and pretty much waiting on the last of us

  4. jamie webb says

    Conan looks decent from the trailer but I bet the gameplay is no where near as good and rage looks alright I’m just confused as to what the plot of it is

  5. Polakoune says

    So many games ;( but not enough money :'(
    I can onloy buy Days Gone, RE two and Sekiro…. arf, i would like to be rich $$$$

  6. Luuk says


  7. Matěj Ulč says

    Very good list.

  8. Nie says

    Oooohhh the barrel dangerous

  9. solarneddy says

    Guess Days Gone will take care of May

  10. reyesarsenal9 says

    Def getting A Plague Tale Innocence and Rage 2, maybe Draugen

  11. MTG says

    This Looks like an interesting month , lot of great games ; Plague A tale of innocence , Rage 2 , pathologic 2 and life is strange 2 .
    I wish to play them all , but I still have to play sekiro , DMC 5 and finish the 2nd run as Claire in resident evil 2

  12. Jose Lil Frimzy says

    Rage 2 looks like a fun game a lot of action tbh

  13. Eyeatass says

    All these suck

  14. CrossfireGlitcher11 says

    Finally a VR game with a STORY! Blood & Truth huh.

  15. Flexive Fowl says

    I don’t think Team Sonic Racing’s going to be good.

  16. Nicola Beiruti says

    good a lot of PC choices ?

  17. Wingman1977 says

    Close to the sun looks like a bioshock clone (and that’s a good thing).

  18. Benjamin says

    I love team sonic racing ?

  19. Haris Dwin says

    Yes , finally blood & truth

  20. Psjoseromero says

    I wonder if the new Star Wars game will be open world

  21. southwestjar162 forever says


  22. Rohaan Wajid says

    Let's get it

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