Top 10 Upcoming Games of June 2019 [PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch]

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June may be the month of E3, of hot announcements and crazy reveals, but it’s also a great time for new releases. Next month features some anticipated titles and sequels, a beloved classic remade for current gen consoles and at least one decent looking action RPG. Let’s check out the top 10 games to look forward to in June.





  1. I subscribed

  2. Josh Watson says

    All this is garbage what happened to the good games

  3. immunity says

    I am waiting for Warhammer as the second arrival of Jesus

  4. canon isensys says

    everything looks like shit now that death stranding trailer came out.

  5. Lil Andy Hill says

    Who plays half of these gay ass games

  6. kp1832 p says

    Heavy rain I didn't like how you shake the controls in the game camera angle make me also most car sick.

  7. kp1832 p says

    Murder soul suspect it was ok but the ending made no sense to me.?

  8. Benny Mcbarksen says

    These games all look awful

  9. Johnny Elishov says

    All of them looks like a pure shit.

  10. Darksider95 says

    Judgment reminds me of sleeping dogs I hope its really good that and Sinking city are my picks. Would have added Heavy rain because I never played it but cuz its only in the epic game store I'll pass.

  11. Drew Dahlen says

    any of you pc folks who havent played Heavy Rain and wanna see how horrormurder movies used to be and how close to one a game can come PLEASE PLAY!…I loved the game and theres a lot more "play" in it than Detroit become human..there was supposed to be more dlc for it like the add on basement killer scenario but they canned that idea for some reason..hopefully this brings it back in peoples minds and its spurs a sequel of sorts,its the perfect format for detective games whereas Detroit was like playing a movie with different endings…I could go on forever about it so just grab it if your into that kinda stuff I can almost guarantee you wont be sorry.

  12. KrustyKatz says

    Whose tryna buy me one of these games so I can stream it hah

  13. Man Knight says

    These are all games I do not want to play and care very little about

  14. theglasses1 says

    Judgement does look really interesting
    Why the F does bloodstaind get 2 crappy low res stills and every other game gets HD footage.

  15. Marcus Blackwell says

    I can inference that everyone here has played too much MK11. Is this so?

  16. Joe Shmuck says

    All looks like shite

  17. 777 777 says

    Too much MK11 led me to think it was Kung lao in the thumbnail

  18. DISEÑO Eejecucion says

    Nice. Looks like I don't have to buy anything in June.
    Only game im looking forward is (Bloodstained) "Ritual of the night" and sorta "Samarai Showdown"

  19. Malik Shepherd says


  20. NayzalSpray says

    E3 better be decent this year lol

  21. Topcover73 says

    Sinking City is the only game here that interests me.

  22. Manuel Mendoza says

    All those games were trashh smh

  23. Marcus Blackwell says

    You know, I have been fascinated by H.P Lovecraft's tales recently. I reckon I might just buy The Sinking City

  24. Marcus Blackwell says

    What systems is Judgement gonna be on? Switch by chance? Is there gonna be an English dub?

  25. Marcus Blackwell says

    So you might say that the game @ 1:52 is like a Japanese L.A Noire for switch?

  26. Mulder & Scully says

    You forgot Jubei asswipe.

  27. bettergetdave says

    You all not have any bloodstained b-roll footage?

  28. Tyler Outland says

    No June 2019 intrest me

  29. Ryan Guldner says

    Legends of Heroes 2 and Dragon Star Varnir with Judgement on list to buy later

  30. Josh Morrison says

    Who else thought the video pic was an epic Kung Lao game?

  31. AC games says

    Can’t wait for judgement
    I’m going to play it on my channel excited

  32. Inside Voices Gaming says

    Yo! Judgement though!

  33. CJoseph Ferrerro says

    Judgement will have to wait coz samurai and CTR are on my priority list.

    Thanks for the video team gamingbolt ?

  34. Daniella Rose says


  35. AyyySB says

    I have noticed your videos often have a few technical issues or rendering/editing errors.

    The Bloodstained gameplay didn't render properly it seems…

  36. Dorokai Yinvil says

    Nothing I wana play.

  37. TheDrodJG says

    I'm still venting over the fact TLOU2 is coming out next year.

  38. Jessica Taylor says

    I really wish I enjoyed platformers. oh well at least I'll enjoy the sinking city.

  39. Dylan says

    I think you have a typo in the title. Based on what I'm seeing I'm pretty sure the title should read "Top 10 games of June 1989"

  40. HolyCross9 says

    Curse you Epic Games for robbing Steam players the chance to play Heavy Rain!

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