Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games – Part 8

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Today we continue our countdown of the top 100 easter eggs in video games. This video features Easter eggs from Battlefield 1, Just Cause 4, Doom and more. Enjoy.

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Easter eggs in this video:
Gears Of War Judgement Bucket Head Locust Easter Egg
Halo 3 Secret Password Easter Egg
Zombeer Minecraft Easter Egg
Just Cause 4 Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Easter Egg
Doom 2016 Happy Birthday Easter Egg
Dying Light Super Mario Level Easter Egg
Hitman 2016 Dancing Soliders Easter Egg
Battlefield 1 Megalodon Easter Egg


  1. Captain Eggcellent says

    Today we continue our countdown of the top 100 easter eggs in video games. This video features Easter eggs from Battlefield 1, Just Cause 4, Doom and more. Enjoy.
    My Twitter: and Instagram:

    Much love x

  2. Dred Snake says

    Omfg on the last password dood sequence the voice behind the door was caboose from RVB

  3. Ol’ Laptop says

    6:51 me smiling

  4. Jedediah Fruitcake says

    The guard from halo sounds like caboose…

  5. Dragon 563 says

    Halo 3 that door one was from red vs blue

  6. ACENDANT 173-2 says

    Caboose I like that guy


    What about the easteregg on the TV show chuck
    Where if you put the disk into an Xbox 360 it gives you the demo for the madden game that came out that year.
    Since an episode was based around it slightly.
    Not sure if I'm the only one to ever find out about this easteregg but if I am
    I'd love credit.
    Hope this is worth a part In a vid

  8. Noah days 72 says

    Is dat a dildo 4:11

  9. DomiXD76 says

    I know a secret/easter egg (not really but still). In warframe, every warframe's name or ability refers to something, that is connected to said warframe. Like Limbo or Wisp.

  10. Katsura Shido says

    Where is goat simulator waste of space Easter egg….?
    I still waiting for it…..

  11. Mohd Ali says

    Did you know that captain eggselent is eggsactly like me see what i did there

  12. Reaperz says

    Love the RvD ( Reds VS Blues) Easter Egg, funny fact I'm sure actually re-watching it and now I discovered an Easter Egg about it lol

  13. DOOM GAMER CZ says

    Finally something from DOOM!

  14. Noah Spreadborough says

    I love thee vodeps

  15. Noah Spreadborough says

    Hello everyone

  16. Person Guy says

    Hey dude love ya keep up the great work

  17. Evan hindle says

    3:23 is that a caboose reference?

  18. Bence Kóta says

    Loved the Halo 3 easter egg haha

  19. Yunior Gamboa says

    Another great video
    Your channel will always be one of my favorites

  20. Horst Hector says

    How abaut the deat of the hobbits in oblivion in the unfrendly competition easteregg?
    Or the killed by the spoon in Enderal?

  21. YEEE EEEY says

    Why everyone is talking about red and blue in halo 3? Look up here: 3:30

  22. Yunior Gamboa says

    I love GOW judgment
    Its one of my favorites flr the franchise
    Good to see it here

  23. Noah Da. Ark says

    You’ve been doing a marvelous job on these videos Captain. Keep up the good work!

  24. Cameron Bruce says

    There's an easter egg in just cause 4 where if you shoot cows with the cow gun they turn into the protagonist

  25. Ducky Lucky1232 says

    Maybe in the afthermath there was some zombies that can be head shot but maybe thr creator of the game cut that part because it was maybe to op

  26. Lamdon. Y says

    I will indeed ignore the attempts to play getting over it

  27. Aiden Rutske says

    Halo 3 is one of the best games ever

  28. PYRO CRYO says

    What games even are these?

    Dafuq even are these games

  29. hope ??? says

    Red Vs Blue?

  30. General Lee says

    Take a shot every time you find a Easter egg

  31. Swag 4 Jag says

    In Assassins Creed Black Flag, one of the shanties has Sally Brown, this is a reference to Peanuts by Charles Schultz because Charlie Browns Sister is named Sally! Coincidence or Easter Egg?

  32. SuperHyper DarkLink says

    Hearing the voice actors in the halo 3 Easter egg makes me happy because it’s the same ones in red vs blue and I love thatbseries

  33. Mark Campos says

    Did Paduk just say… "uh Easter Eggs"

  34. still_guns says

    The Mario easter egg in Dying Light reminds me of a similar easter egg in Star Trek Elite Force 2

  35. Kyle Bates says


  36. 44 maroc says

    The words from the music from hitman is actually Is in the local language of the country morroco I know cuz I'm morrocan

  37. Chris Boling says


  38. Marco Paolo Dahinog says

    Wait aat the halo 3 easter egg the guy talkin behind the door is Caboose from red vs blue also by rooster teeth

  39. Zachary Cloutier says

    The court of the owl easter egg in batman arkham origins when you fight Bane for the first time there is two statue of the Talon

  40. Luckyducky 1122 gaming says

    Something about battlefield Easter eggs are just in a oddly specific order

  41. Sid Greaves says

    Idk if it’s a great Easter egg but the final fantasy crossover in assassins creed origins was quite good.

  42. Peter Ćeranic says

    Was there any eastereggs from minecraft i know there are few

  43. señor reck says

    Big purple dildo….

  44. Percabeth888 says


  45. ShadowHwkX7 says

    A good Easter Egg would be GTA VC/VCS' actual Easter Egg.

  46. VorpalSpartan Mapping says

    Long time no see

  47. symphony heart says

    Its a mario reference

  48. Joshua Joshua says

    gta vice city. u will find a egg written easter egg on it in downtown in the top of a building named vnn or something like that ke that

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