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Caravan Stories (PS4 Summer)

Bless Unleashed (X1, PS4 Later)

Splitgate Arena Warfare – May 22

Dauntless (PS4,Switch,X1)

AVA: Dog Tag

Lost Ark Online

Crossfire 2

Lineage Eternal

Dragon Hound

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Conqueror’s Blade


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Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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  1. GameCross says

    Which of these are you interested in checking out when they release?

  2. gaming with josh! says

    Or frag

  3. gaming with josh! says

    I wanna see if dog tags is for Xbox because it’s FPS and it looks fun!

  4. Dee Reeder says

    What is the last games console

  5. folko1 says

    "Bless" more like Curse.
    Bless Online was a hot mess of a cash grab to develop this console Unleashed shit

  6. Lagwi n1980 says

    bless unleashes looks like an attempt to relaunch bless online

    Split gate = portal (not never before seen) with a competitive shooter folded in

  7. Seamus cannon says

    Splitgate arena warfare looks like it might be a mix between halo and portal

  8. Nero says

    Split gate is like halo mixed with portal

  9. Keyila L says

    Who hopes cyberpunk2077 is free on ps4 cuw id

  10. Keyila L says

    Theres more pay games than free games we need 90000000000 free games cuz theres a little of free games ln my ps4

  11. Chill ass turtle says

    The only one of these games that ever actually came out has been dauntless..

  12. Ludwig says

    I want Kurtzpel so fucking hard for ps4

  13. Tracey Jacobsen says

    Question that somebody maybe able to answer

    Is there anything you can look up to find upcoming free to play xbox one games for 2019-2020?

    I know of phantasy star online 2, soul and blade and crossfire X but thats all

    Anyone know if you can search for games specifically upcoming free to play for xbox one online

  14. Aaron Wise says

    Cool can not wait for AVA Dog Tags

  15. Juldens sejour says

    Dauntless looked nothing like that

  16. Mega Lonk ._. says

    Oooh KurtzPel

  17. Jonathan Gough says

    I would love monster hunter stories on switch

  18. The Ghost Experience says

    bless unleashed will have dumbed down graphics. the consoles came out like 7+ years ago. they arent capeable of running those graphics they showcased without it having 40fps

  19. Ace WMD says

    6:20 dire breathing beasts
    Fire breathing beasts.

  20. Sheryl Mante says

    If you wish to
    find a way to have card
    you simply have to lookup for " psn yadakjoo " in gooogle.
    I tried out and I got them!

  21. pervysage says

    Bless Unleashed gonna get shutdown XD

  22. Diko Zapelio says

    Wait is BDO gonna be free to play?

  23. Colin Steeley says

    Half of these he doesn't even say which console(s) its coming too

  24. Dakota says

    The only free to play you need is Warframe

  25. Hivihvivhyc Ugcutcgcc says

    I tried dauntless on pc but if it comes out on switch I’d def play it there

  26. muuubiee says

    Split gate is gonna flop, that game is going to be too difficult for the modern player base.

  27. Lokiaomega * says

    Is kurtzpel coming to switch

  28. deathkage says

    I just want z free game were you can raise your own dragon and free roam.

  29. Eduardo Mendez says

    There's an error when I try clicking on the bell, will try on PC later.

  30. FlickXpe says

    I'm just here waiting for kurtzpel to come out on ps4

  31. Yash Tomar says

    Destiny 2 new light?

  32. I had caravan stories from the Japanese store but instantly on English, tbh th game was meh

  33. Decaying Eternity says

    Do your fucking research, AVA got shut down.

  34. All of them looks enjoyable I want them to be in my library.

  35. Metodi Mincheff says

    kurtz pel seems promising…

  36. Ecdemaniac says

    What is Splitgate available on??(Xbox,pc, etc….)

  37. Kiwi says

    Could you make a vid about the 'Top 10 Best Free Open World Animal Simulator Games PC' I don't think I'm the only one that loves animals and is a gamer I would love to know the best games related to animals as it is very hard to find them sometimes

  38. Doom Slayer says

    So many mmo's EVEN ANIME IS AN MMO…take notes from generation zero we need more of those games again

  39. f8ture says

    When will ps4 splitgate realese

  40. Johnny Emezie says

    Dautless gets boring fast.

  41. Kyle L says


  42. Dumpling Bowl says

    Portal 69 battle royaleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  43. Will Maries says

    Split Gate hasn’t come out yet and it is may 28th

  44. Ezjaun Mason says

    Conquerors blade and kurtzpel

  45. Adrian Smith says

    They keep releasing games super similar to each other. I feel like we should have a new version of ark. Ik rust and conan are pretty close but I feel like there should be another 1

  46. Mr.OvenBox says

    You don't have to talk so fast. Stop. Take a breath. You don't have to sound like you're deflating all the time, dude.

  47. Joshua Jordison says

    As soon as dauntless moved to console I've been playing it since it came out

  48. Phvntxm says

    Is split gate also for xbox?

  49. Reversal says

    Finally someone actually mentioned Dauntless

  50. Aiden says

    What is split gate coming out on?

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