Top 15 Greatest Boss Battles in Video Games

  1. Fawful's Minion says

    What's YOUR favorite boss battle? There's tons of good ones that didn't make it on here…

  2. Pufferfishman420 says

    So I was just listening to Ridleys boss theme from smash brawl, as one does, and then I spotted this gem as the top recommendation for the next vid, hell yeah

  3. TheLinkHelios says
  4. I didn't expecting me to antasma first (without kirby boss) but that's a good surprise. he's so cool.

  5. "no final bosses, first bosses and kirby bosses."
    yeah I know why.

  6. infinityHeart_TM says

    16:46 this is for me

  7. angeldude101 says

    Unfortunately this video was made before Terraria 1.4, so we didn't get a chance to see the Empress of Light on this list, which is a full on bullet hell in Terraria, on top of a brilliant spectacle that her name suggests. And then there's the daytime mode, that buffs her attack to absurdity to the point that she can one-shot even the bulkiest of tanks, and besting this challenge is required in order to obtain one of the best summon weapons in the game. Oh well, at least we got to see another Light elsewhere on the list.

  8. PRORAGEGUY says

    no "seven force"? dang very underrated

  9. mvpDJWCC says

    Magma Dragoon is definitely a shoto.

  10. ExtremeAce says

    If I had to put a Metroid boss I'd rather put Quadraxis over that sloggy Meta Ridley fight. The latter just looks cool and has flashy attacks but is not very fun on replays, while Quadraxis has a fantastic design, the spectacle is jaw dropping, the music is intense and gameplay wise it is so unique and utilizes almost all of your abilities upto that point in the game including the use of every morph ball ability and is probably the best metroid boss fight.

  11. MisterMaxie says

    Necrozma is my second favorite Pokémon ever, and I think most of my love for him comes from his presentation.

    The crushing organ and radiant chimes blaring across the Megalopolis chanting forth the unmatched god of light itself to battle, challenging you to either win over him or bow before his mighty aura. He's here for a fight and he's going to make sure you remember him for the rest of your career as a trainer.

    He is Necrozma, the interdimensional dragon of light that pierces the sky's limits without mercy.

    See what I mean?

  12. Sir Greg says

    He was so intent on not making an ice joke for Mr. Freeze he compared him to touching a hot stove. Genius.

  13. love the "spli- COUGH!" part 1:53

  14. Personman245 says

    Personally the pink body makes me want to believe that Galacta Knight isn’t actually future Meta Knight, but a future Kirby. Some darker version of him that took up a role similar to Meta Knight, possibly after he vanished or something. Probably doesn’t make any sense, but I love the idea of Galacta Knight being our first look at an adult Kirby.

  15. G-Shroom says

    I just beat the wall of flesh just now with my nights edge

  16. Shamey boi Smith says

    Everyone: why galacta knight, there's not supposed to be Kirby bosses

    Me: isn't that technically a final boss if we're using the meta knight loophole?

  17. Magnus Reeves says

    Change my mind robo Patrick has the best theme of a boss from a licensed game

  18. Rick Mattison says

    24:52 Uhhh…what?

  19. [ Mazurome ZERO ] says


    “Nuzlocke is SIN! Damn all approach with
    F U N ! ! !”



  20. Brown Mope says


  21. Motherfucking Enterprises says

    You, my sir, have such a technic with words that would make Shakespeare proud.

  22. Jeremy Rossi says

    You can cheese Necrozma with Zoroark disguised as a Pokémon weak to psychic type moves

  23. Asriel dreemurr says

    Fawful: no kirby bosses

    Galacta knight on the thumbnail: AM I A F***ING JOKE TO YOU 😡

  24. FuryMcpurey says

    "Atomic ass-hauling towards Knucklees the Enchilasagna's green rock candy" had me absolutely deceased, thank you

  25. KJ Pate-Combs says

    Has anyone mentioned how Galacta Knight's a super boss and therefore banned?

  26. Some Kind of Clown says

    27:12 As soon as I heard those words, the PTSD just started rolling in.

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