Top 25 Xbox One Games (Spring 2019 Update)

Xbox games trailers

Here are the best Xbox One games available now if you’ve just picked up an Xbox One or you’re looking to try something new.

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  1. Umar Shaikh says

    why is it always shooters!? Do platformers

  2. Esko Tarantino says
  3. Hikari Snow says

    Gotta love some read dead 2

  4. Me and The bois says

    I could hear the disappointment in his voice when he said apex legends

  5. Red Red says

    Any one else pissed he didn’t mention Ugandan Battle Royal Return Of The Queen 7

  6. GameKingTimo says

    I dont like how you put Titanfall gameplay and not Titanfall 2 gameplay

  7. jedi87 says

    the division 2 should be there is absolutely stunning
    loving every minute

  8. BigBoyMotoMoto? says

    Do my eyes decieve me? No Fortnite? Am I dreaming? If I am dreaming then this is an amzing dream.

  9. Brenden Cameron says

    Bro why isnt fallout 4 on that list?

  10. jr lomibao says

    Best game for me 9:36

  11. Ruric says

    Ori is my number 1 xbone game, forza horizon 4 gears 4 are very close (because i just love gears), wither 3 and rdr2 are in my top 5 for sure also (you can clearly see the before and after botw open world gemes era in those 2).

  12. Aiden Shannahan says

    where's PUBG

  13. J Davis says


  14. honeytos28 says


  15. brian shipley says

    Stop trying to relieve old glory’s and give me something new and exciting. This list is boring, if I want to bring back old nostalgia I’ll just play that game. (Disappointing)

  16. Eric Anderson says

    No Dragon Age…

  17. Nic Dyck says

    RAGE 2

  18. uy js says


  19. SkippingMinimalist says

    6:12 is a game from 2014 not 2019 ?

  20. John Castiel says

    RD2 Is my favorite game. I hope we get more solo DL.

  21. Devil’s Verdict says

    I’m kinda shocked that Dishonored isn’t on the list. The story isn’t exactly the greatest ever told but the replay value and branching gameplay is amazing ?.

  22. Saima Imran says

    My favourite game is gears of war 4:)

  23. whatare this says

    Firewatch is GARBAGE. Would not recommend. You literally just walk around the wilderness. There's no real story, the trailer for the game is so misleading. 0/10 imo

  24. BMO says


  25. K G says

    What was the one that almost tied with Dark Souls III?

  26. DEATHisFACEless says

    Silent hill 2 hd

  27. Hugo Kotzee says

    A lot less indie titles this time around

  28. Rangers1728 says

    Fallout 4 never gets any love

  29. Aaron Small says

    Ur insane for not putting GR Wildlands.

  30. Noah Willard says

    Rainbow six siege?

  31. Christopher M. E. says

    Curious how a lot of these games are available for free on the Xbox Game Pass.. sensing some palms were greased here

  32. 777 777 says

    Is ot too hard to put the price tags???????? iGN???

  33. Mike Austin says

    Was hoping this would be a list of exclusives. I want to use my xbox but it just gathers dust cause I play everything on ps4. Any suggestions for exclusives? Sea of thieves maybe?

  34. GameGang says
  35. Sam Pak says

    Sad I was waiting to talk about ASHEN!

  36. daily icon says

    oh man igot all of these games

  37. epicmosterman0 says
  38. Tyson Perks says

    #1 buy a PC

  39. Zahi Abu Ramadan says

    Uh. No halo 5

  40. InF4mOuS_ k1DD says

    Gears 4 got boring half way in.??‍♂️

  41. Caffeinated Critic says

    Lmao You can play all these on PC, PS4 or both. Xbox has no games. ?

  42. Tony Stark says

    How do I get the best tv settings for Red Dead 2?

    The game feels not bright enough and film grainy. I have a lg 4K tv

  43. Jordan Talbot says

    I could play most of these games on Ps4

  44. Jalani Kareem says

    You can play most of those games anywhere

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