Top 40 NEW Xbox One Games of 2019

Xbox games trailers

Another long list of our most-anticipated 2019 games. What will you be playing on your Xbox One this year? Let us know!
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#40. Outer Wilds

#39. Tropico 6

#38. Devil’s Hunt

#37. Digimon Survive

#36. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

#35. A Plague Tale: Innocence

#34. The Surge 2

#33. Wasteland 3

#32. Dirt Rally 2.0

#31. Dead or Alive 6

#30. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

#29. Jump Force

#28. Sea of Solitude

#27. Skull & Bones

#26. World War Z

#25. Control

#24. Dauntless – PS4/XB1/PC/Switch – TBA 2019

#23. Biomutant

#22. Wolfenstein: New Blood

#21. Trials Rising

#20. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – PS4/XB1/PC, June 21

#19. Anthem

#18. Dying Light 2

#17. Code Vein

#16. Battletoads

#15. Doom Eternal

#14. Rage 2

#13. Mortal Kombat 11

#12. The Division 2

#11. Far Cry: New Dawn

#10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#9. Kingdom Hearts 3

#8. Resident Evil 2

#7. Metro Exodus

#6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

#5. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

#4. Devil May Cry 5

#3. Gears 5

#2. Crackdown 3

#1. The Outer Worlds

Cyberpunk 2077


  1. gameranx says

    Another lengthy one…we wanted to include as much as possible. What will you be picking up in 2019?

  2. SeizedM0ney264 says

    The surge can kiss my ass

  3. Joshua Roper says

    Where the hell was halo infinite

  4. Brett Warwick says

    where is madden 19

  5. Fearless Hacks says

    They look awesome

  6. Deron Davis says

    And what do u know Anthem failed badly

  7. Jhon Forgue says

    Halo infinite 2019

  8. Odinz says

    kinda pissed off the screen shot was of Halo but halo wasn't on the list. Kinda bullshit

  9. NoxiousPound6697 says

    None of thoes are xbox exculiseves.

  10. Viktor Reznovski says

    Missing Insurgency Sandstorm XBO

  11. Chris Wadnik says

    You forgot Tom Clancy's ghost recon break point it drops October 4 pre order to get beta for September

  12. James Childers says

    I need help finding a game similar to Shadow of War or Assassins Creed which I love both of them and beat both of them and need a new game!!

  13. magicGaming says

    To bad crackdown 3 was more like letdown 3

  14. Thomas Harris says

    Need more stealth shooters third person

  15. Reaper Gt500 says

    I stopped to have a heart attack at digimon. Lol. Love that show!

  16. Kilian Wagner says

    Isn't outer wilds already out?

  17. Th3N3wY0rk3r66 says

    JMO. I’m sick of all of these futuristic games. I yawn at how saturated it’s been with games like this. Stop selling the fucking flying car idea and let’s get some modern games with interesting concepts.

  18. Lucas T 88 says

    Wolfenstein is just a Punch A Nazi propaganda game

  19. Gareth Hook says

    Wat do all you guys think is the next game to buy for Xbox one, any good ideas?

  20. Gareth Hook says

    Can't wait to get mortal kombat 11,been playing mortal kombat xl and that is amazing so God knows wat 11 is going to be like

  21. demonic law says

    metro is worth it crazy good gameplay and story just achis can be a bit off and very missable

  22. demonic law says

    the surge is like a shit form of darksouls dodge does not go under things like that shit still hits u even tho it does not connect

  23. cha thao says

    Ps4 has best games xbox dying

  24. John Gooch says

    lol, Anthem could save the genre. hahahahaahahaha! MK11 turned out to be a huge disappointment as well.

  25. CALL ME JERBEAR124 HI says

    Who else got tired of fortnite

  26. Drawn & Quartered says

    Dauntless looking forward to it

  27. SPRITE MAN123 says

    What about games for my smart solja toilet x

  28. glenn hibbert says

    no skate 4 makes me sad

  29. Graham says

    why does thumbnail show halo?

  30. Valosar says

    That Anthem part hurt. So sad to see the game turn out so bad

  31. Yasmin Maow says

    WhAt AbOuT hAlO iNfInItE/6

  32. Vexity says

    I just want halo infinite

  33. Zombie Moose82 says

    Lol this video must have been made before Anthem and Crackdown 3 came out ? ? ?

  34. Mitch says

    Who else is here because their done with FoRtNiTe and looking for something new?

  35. Carter Eberle says

    Is Borderlands 3 coming in 2019?

  36. Sir Loin says

    Why did you choose a thumbnail of master chief, when he has nothing to do with this list??. ..wait, I know why.

  37. Colhoun Clan says

    Worst top 10 ever

  38. firestonegraywolf says

    That anthem comment

  39. Andrue Rendon says

    "Anthem could be the one to save it all" LMAO. couldnt be more wrong.

  40. SuperZombiepimp says

    Laughing at how hard anthem has flop

  41. Tech & Believe says

    Cant wait for Gears

  42. Genci Tela says

    No halo fake thumbnail

  43. Goldcoin Doge says

    Bethasda is a shitty dev lol dont know what youre talking about there always glitchy and buggy

  44. Chey Marie says

    You sound like Donatello from the TMNT movie lol

  45. mikey mokey says

    franky dux feat dj yves forever young subscribe pls

  46. John Connor says

    Halo clickbait

  47. Isaiah Ordonez says

    Who wanna gameshare contact me my Xbox name is CallmeDaDdYZaY

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