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It has been 6 years since the announcement of the PlayStation 4, and the end of the generation is coming close. In this video, I wanted to celebrate the last 6 years by looking back at the 50 games on PS4 & PS4 Pro that I enjoyed the most. Keep in mind that this is a completely personal list, meaning I don’t pretend this to be an objective video with the absolute best games in order. Some of your favorite games as well as some of the highest rated games will no doubt be lacking, either because I haven’t played them or they don’t fit my personal taste. I hope you’ll enjoy the video. I can’t tell you how much time I put into it, but the result is a list that satisfies me.


  1. VICOVA says


  2. TreyWhiteIII says

    The Order 1886 absolutely deserves a sequel! I remember watching the IGN review to decide if I wanted to buy it. All their criticism sounded like a game I would truly enjoy. I bought it that Friday at lunch and beat it over the weekend before returning to work on Monday morning. Great memory and a great game

  3. Milytical says

    Can anybody list these games?

  4. Ogreatgames _com says

    literally perfection in my eyes.

  5. Thomas Fuentes says

    My top 10 are
    1 God of war
    2 Red dead redemption 2
    3 Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End
    4 Marvel Spider man
    5 Call of duty modern warfare 2019
    6 Battlefield 1
    7 Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4
    8 Horizon zero dawn
    9 Final fantasy 7
    10 Kingdom hearts 3

  6. Stefan Oancea says

    I really like the Soulsborne games. From the Dark Souls franchise to Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring their quality never lets down. They are really masterpieces.

  7. Henry10 says

    mostly right, but The Last of Us 2 ranks 1, and Red Dead Redemption 2 ranks ahead of The Last of Us and God of war 3

  8. Mootez Elhosni says

    Lol you ranking of the games is laughable at best

  9. Suraj Visana says

    Your best man.

  10. 1181 Mark Emad says

    Me and you are the same bro my favourite game ever is Uncharted 4 I was literally I tears saying goodbye I hope naughty dog returns and continues the series 😓😓

  11. Pham Tuan Hung says

    trash, I don't understand how you can rank the best games so low. Don't agree at all

  12. Phylicia Bozzi says

    My mom would not let me have GTA. Not that I would want it. If I get out of her house I can play whatever

  13. Phylicia Bozzi says

    My mom never let me stay up until midnight to play games. I had a bedtime. I don't remember if I had games then. I might have

  14. Phylicia Bozzi says

    I never understood the popularity of South Park

  15. Phylicia Bozzi says

    My parents would not want me to do or watch anything with Ouija Boards / Spirit boards, but too bad. I HAVE to watch Charmed. I am obssessed. As for playing Until Dawn? That's a different story.

  16. Phylicia Bozzi says

    I love games with good graphics.


    ps4's best game series uncharted 🤩☹️


    My top 5 till now.
    God of war(Greatest Title of all time)
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Uncharted 4
    Marvels Spiderman
    TLOU 2

  19. Bubo Ogade says

    naughty dog destroyed gaming

  20. Odiekun says

    What purpose does it serve to point out that a game has a shocking twist at the end? Great job, you've now spoiled that a shocking twist is coming.

  21. Sparsh Abhayjeet Lall says

    The whole video was good but you gave wrong reviews about many games……most of all red dead redemption 2…..i have played almost all the games you mentionedand ALOT more and there are so many games with good story line and they are above most of games you reviewed here and i would say by far the best game with storyline game mechanics gamer friendly hell of a game is red dead redemption 2 no game and i mean no game is above this game the details the graphics the level of things you can do in this game and so much to explore so…….yeah no game is above red dead redemption 2

  22. Arkane Gaming says

    I need an updated list of top 50!

  23. Bavid Deaver says

    Love lists like this, I don't want to know what major gaming critics have to say, I'd rather hear from an individual giving their personal opinion.

  24. ParaIax says

    Worst top 10 imaginable.

  25. John Knuckles says

    I understand it's your choices but if The Last of Us, RDR2, and Spider-Man aren't in your top 5 I just don't know 🤣

  26. Michał Pieczykolan says

    1. Nier Automata
    2. Witcher 3
    3. Uncharted 4

  27. Kenny Wohl says

    1 Spider-man
    2 Uncharted 4 A theves end
    3 God of war
    4 Tomb raider
    5 Crash Bandicoot N sane trilogy
    6 Uncharted Nathan Drake collection
    7 Spyro trilogy
    8 lost of us
    9 lost of us 2
    10 Ghostbusters remastered

  28. BoNeSaW 23 says

    Horizon Zero Dawn #31!? Pffff!!!

  29. Cameron Smith says

    Before I even watch this whole video I already know tomb raider not on here .. so underrated . One of my favorite games

  30. Menopally says

    Though I don't understand why AC Odyssey or Witcher 3 didn't make this list. I enjoyed watching the video and I completely understand your perspective. I'm not the type to go with the hype that surrounds most games and my best games are usually not people's best games so it kinda feels like I made the list myself. This is the first time I will come across this channel and I can't wait to check your other videos. Good job. By the way, when I mentioned Witcher 3, I didn't mean to criticize. I have had the game for more than a year because of the hype and I haven't played more than three hours of it.

  31. Perseas Theodoropoulos says

    1. Bloodborne
    2. Nioh 2
    3. Uncharted 4
    4. Nioh
    5. Persona 5 Royal or Persona 5
    6. Spiderman
    7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    50. God of war 4 (2018)
    Thats my list of the best ps4 exclusives

  32. M&M 2002 says

    I love playing Uncharted, Tomb Raider , and God of War. Great games!

  33. Shumaila Zeeshan says

    Rdr2 has no competition

  34. Shumaila Zeeshan says

    First rdr2 Second tlou1 Fourth days gone

  35. Shumaila Zeeshan says

    Cyber junk 2077BC

  36. Sam the gamer says

    Rdr 2 is best and god of war also good.. 👍💯

  37. 4 Paws says

    Seriously no days gone on the list??

  38. Michaël says

    Are u dutch?

  39. Anthony Paynter says

    Six year old me wanted to be Nathan Drake when I was playing uncharted drake's fortune

  40. Draguh says


  41. Randy Mboyon says

    Uncharted 4 is my top favorite. I'm looking forward to buy my PS4 pro one day alonside with my switch

  42. Sakina says

    My list:
    1. Detroit become human
    2. The walking dead game series (by telltales)
    3. Marvels Spider-Man
    4. Assassins creed

  43. Pro gamer says

    What spider man #25 omg 😳? It should be top 10

  44. Amir Mohammad says

    How a bout doom eternal.kingdom hearts 3.AC ORIGINS

  45. M.A.D.E MAN says

    FEB.20TH IS MY BIRTHDAY BRO!! 💪🏾😎👑💯💯💯

  46. Josh says

    49:25 lack of boss fights? Aren't the ridiculously strong valkyries enough for you?

  47. Eisbär2 Polar says

    For me The Last of Us/Part 2 is the best game of all time, it's more than a game!!!

  48. Nikunj Upadhyay says

    Bro playstation is shut you chek every year

  49. Rahil says

    No ps4 game list is complete w/o the witcher 3

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